Mexico, Trump And The Wall Street Journal



Mexico, Trump

And The

Wall Street Journal


R.E. Prindle


As unpleasant as the ongoing discussion of racial, religious and ethnic problems in the US is it is still a problem that has to be dealt with. WSJ columnist Bret Stephens expresses his frustration in his 6/7/16 effusion, The GOP’s Mexico Derangement.

For his own satisfaction he has disposed of the problem. He finalizes the debate thusly: Meanwhile, let’s state clearly what shouldn’t need saying but does: Americas are blessed to have Mexico as our neighbor and Hispanics as our citizens.   On this point discussion is indecency.  (My italics.)

If Americans are blessed with Mexicans as neighbors Mexicans must be ecstatic having the US as their neighbor. Mexico would be wallowing in squalor and poverty instead of just enjoying it except for the beneficence of the loving citizens of Los Estados Unidos.

Are they that ecstatic? They sure are. In US streets they’re rioting in the streets to show their joy. The streets are ours they joyously proclaimed in Anaheim while celebrating presidential candidate Donald Trump’s arrival in ‘their city.’

Bret in a frenzy of sorts goes on to make many absolutely valid comparisons. Is there a drug problem in Mexico he asks and then answers affirmatively because ‘drug existence is almost entirely a function of America’s appetite for drugs’. Forget the pusher, what responsibility could he have?

So what we really have is a sort of perfect symbiosis of dope pusher and dope consumer. Mexico and the US are indeed ideal neighbors. What would the Mexicans do with all that dope without our appetite for it? Think about this, it’s a serious question.

And just to prove how evenly matched our two great countries are, consider the murder rate. But note that the homicide rate in all Mexico was 16 murders per 100,000. Sounds bad doesn’t it? Not at all. Research North of the Border which Bret does confirms Bret’s thesis thusly: Mexico, all of Mexico, is about as dangerous as the US city of Philadelphia which has 15.9 murders per 100K. And hey! how about Miami at 19.2 or Atlanta at 20.5?

Bret is to be congratulated for rooting out these statistic for those three cities but just so we’re comparing apples to apples what is the murder rate for the US as a whole. Oops! Bret doesn’t say. And since we’re on the subject of race or ethnicity, diversity in a word, how representative of the US population are Atlanta Philadelphia and Miami? Oh yeah, Bret, I am going to be indecent and say it.

Philadelphia and Atlanta while in the US are not representative of ‘America.’ While you were looking the other way Bret they became African colonies in America. These cities are Negro cities and represent Negro ethics not ‘American’ ethics. Miami is some strange diversity, some ethnic mélange, nearly impossible to describe but still one of those multi-cultural paradises that is the Liberal joy.

Oh, I know, I know Bret on this point your article of faith is that disagreement is indecent. No discussion, case closed. Oh well, then I’m indecent but remember what Einstein said about people who do the same thing over and over expecting different results. Enjoy your stay in the asylum Bret.


Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing against individual Mexicans. I prefer Mexican workmen whenever possible because that are quicker, more efficient and trouble free than American workmen. It’s just that I have a culture to protect. Not that I really care, I’ve got one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel and I’m getting tired of juggling so many facts. When the other foot goes in I’m out of here and you’re on your own. G-d Bless.


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