The Wall Street Journal On Race And Trump



The Wall Street Journal

On Race And Trump


R.E. Prindle


Trump is much given to cryptic remarks. He condenses two paragraphs to about eight words. This leads to much misunderstanding.

The case in point is his criticism of Judge Curiel as not capable of objectivity because he is a Mexican although a probable anchor baby born in Indiana. It is true that Curiel is a Mexican born in Indiana but that is not the whole of the story.

Curiel was selected to be a hanging Judge thereby getting the racial last laugh on Trump by a committee committed to punishing Trump for daring to disagree with their sacred conclusions. Why wouldn’t they select a Mexican as Mexicans have a grievance against Trump which they express illegally by blockading his rallies and criminally assaulting his attendees. Now, really, how American is that? Don’t these Mexicans, many of which were probably born on the Magic Soil of Magic America, and who carefully identify their true allegiance by carrying Mexican flags realize that? Apparently not as they are flying Mexican flags and shouting Fuck America.

Our good friend Ye Editor of the WSJ on 6/6/16 has weighed in on what he considers Trump’s crime: What elevates Mr. Trump’s remarks to the reprehensible is his equation of ethnicity with bias.

Good L-rd, Ye Editor, don’t you know that this whole Magic Country, this Oz amongst the Nations, equates ethnicity with bias? Why single out Trump?

Witness our jolly Prez. Obama who is setting aside convictions of his Negroes by the score. His reasoning? They were convicted not for their crimes but by all White juries who, he believes, begin foaming at the mouth when they have a Negro in the dock. By its very ethnicity the White jury is incapable of rendering an objective verdict of innocent.

Oh, oh, you say: Good G-d, this man was born in Indiana. He is wholly a holy American.

What kind of hypocrite are you Ye Editor?

Don’t you realize those bigoted twelve White jurors may very well have been born in flyover Indiana too? If being born in Indiana makes Judge Curiel a full blooded American incapable of a biased decision why wouldn’t it these White jurors? You do realize this full blooded Mexican Judge Curiel belongs to La Raza don’t you. Oh well, dual citizenship is OK when you’re a Mexican born in Indiana but then why can’t the Whites claim to be Mexicans born in Indiana if they want. Maybe on any particular day they feel like Mexicans. They may feel like a Mexican woman and want to take a leak in the Ladies room. Hey, Ye Editor, this is a very fluid society.

When our great magisterial president Barry Obama equates ethnicity with bias how is that different from presidential candidate Trump doing the same?

Shame, SHAME, on you Ye Editor, ye shameless hypocrite. I can see why you prefer to remain anonymous. Somebody should out you. Trump should refuse to have you as his ‘journalistic’ adjudicator on the basis of ethnic bias.

Ye Editor shamelessly continues: That truly is an attack on the independence of the judiciary because it means that a judge can be disqualified from a case merely for his personal background, rather than for any material conflict of interest.

Race is a material conflict of interest Ye Idiot


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