November And Donald Trump



November And Donald Trump


R.E. Prindle


Alright. As I see it. Whatever international consortium of which the Committee for Foreign Relations is part they had set up this election to be between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. However this was the year their plan blew up in their face. It had to happen sometime. Trump who they didn’t take seriously came, so to speak, out of nowhere like the tornado that took Dorothy to Oz. He destroyed Bush virtually without lifting a finger then he trashed Bush’s backup Boy Rubio.

Turning more desperate as Trump eliminated all of the more acceptable candidates they become more wild and vile in smearing Trump. With even that failing, in their sheer desperation they have turned to Nazi style street violence to disrupt his rallies and intimidate his voter base. This tactic will undoubtedly get worse as the paramilitaries are protected by the police.

At the same time descending like a saucer from outer space the Democratic nut-case Bernie Sanders, also known as Klaatu, is positioned to trump the Elite’s Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton thus having both candidates who are out of their control, or wild cards, poised one or the other to take the election.

From the Elite point of view this is a catastrophe of mega proportions; an unguided missile will be president possibly undoing decades of their work. We should understand, Trump or Sanders are real clinkers that the Elite cannot tolerate. A Bad Moon is on the rise.

The Elite is going to have to work very hard to destroy Trump who probably will upset their canoe if he is elected.   This thing with Trump University is a tremendous Red Herring disguised as a momentous crime. At the very worst Trump University was a business venture that failed. It may have been ill conceived and poorly executed but that merely makes it a failed effort. There is no crime.

If students were disappointed I’m sorry for them. But I didn’t get what I expected from a State University either but that doesn’t mean any grievance I have will be listened to. I merely chose the wrong university and the wrong professors were foisted on me. This goes on constantly. That is what happened to the students of Trump University.

Anyone who signs up for a new untried university takes what he gets; otherwise go to an established school. See what happens there.

So, from my point of view Trump was unwise to attempt what I consider an absurd enterprise. But, hey! We all make mistakes. I don’t know how Trump’s wine company is doing but I haven’t bought any. Good god, there are thousands of established wineries in the world as well as a lot of incompetent start ups. Those untried start ups often think their first effort is worth one hundred dollars! Not by my pocket book. I have bought of number of rotten wines for which I want my money back but I’m not going to get it.

Consider Trump University the opening salvo of what is going to be a ferociously dirty campaign no matter whether Trump is opposed by Clinton or Sanders.

Hang in there!

Hang tough!

Trump may not be as pure as the driven snow but Clinton and Sanders are black snow compared to Trump.


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