Trump’s Politics Of Grievance



Trump’s Politics Of Grievance


R.E. Prindle


I’m still on Ye Editor’s Wall Street Journal editorial of 6/1/16 titled Trump’s Politics of Grievance perhaps more accurately titled Ye Editor’s Politics Of Grievance. I quote:

Mr. Trump and his partisans are highlighting the polls that show him caught up to Hillary Clinton in November matchups. But he’s running against one of the worst Democratic candidates in the last fifty years in a year when voters are eager for change. A John Kasich or Marco Rubio would be 10 points ahead.

Well, that looks like a perfect storm in Trump’s favor. The election must be a foregone conclusion. Trump is in like Flynn with twice the action.

Ye Editor’s other assertion that Kasich or Rubio would be beating Trump’s effort by 10 points is problematical. I can understand Ye Editor’s anguish but let us not overlook the fact that the voters placed Trump ahead of Rubio and Kasich by 20 or 30 points compelling both of them to throw in the towel. Throw in the towel- that’s boxing language indicating their man can’t come out at the bell for the next round.

It is difficult for an objective observer to see how throwing in the towel at Trump translates into a 10 point lead over Hillary but then Ye Editor has already confessed his anguish that the opinion of the Knuckle Draggers of America, Inc. differs from his. Knuckle Draggers Rule! WSJ Sucks.!

So, with Trump not only the presumptive nominee but the actual nominee we can expect one of the foulest, filthiest, dirtiest, scuzziest attacks a candidate has endured ever in the history of politics.

Will this affect Trump’s chances in November? Not at all.

We Knuckle draggers expect the worst from the Communo-fascist Left. We can fell their pain. We’re laughing out loud.

The Left can make as big a fuss about Trump University as they want. We don’t care. It was probably a plot anyway. Remember: You think all of us are ‘conspiracy theorists’ and we know Leftists are all conspirators. Case closed.

Prepare to grit your teeth for eight long years as we’ve had to do for the last thirty years.


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