Donald Trump One Muy Bad Hombre

Donald Trump

One Muy Bad Hombre


R.E. Prindle


One could write whole volumes about the impaired intelligence of the anti-Trump hysterics. Writers such as Ye Editor at the Wall Street Journal seem to place their terror of Trump on the same level as that errant planet out there on a collision trajectory with Homeland Earth. When that Big Baby hits it will be equivalent to Donald Trump as President. KA BOOM.

For myself I’m not worried about what comes from Other Space. I’ve seen all those old movies. I’m more worried about what comes out of the Inner Sanctum of ‘news rooms’ such as the WSJ. Bear in mind people just like these endorsed the unnatural horror of Franklin Delano Roosevelt who except for the mercy of God who took FDR to his bosom this country would not have survived.

FDR set the tone for our last three unnatural presidential disasters: Clinton, Bush and Obama. The CBO trio may have delivered the coup de grace that the Grim Reaper prevented FDR from doing. But, according to Ye Editor paraphrasing his hero FDR: We have nothing to fear but Trump himself. Other than that everything is hunky dory. Ye gods and little fishes.

Ye Editor titles his 6/1/16 opinion piece Trump’s Politics of Grievance. Now, there’s a clever reversal of the actual politics of the last twenty-four years. If Obama doesn’t represent the politics of grievance I don’t know who does.

Ye Editor thinks Trump is rude and vulgar, a man with no qualities attacking his political opponents simply because he is the El Chapo of American politics, in other words one muy bad hombre.

Apparently Ye Editor failed to watch the so-called debates in which from the first minute of the first ‘debate’ those fine cultivated refined types piled on Trump like a pile of recycled bricks. Can one ever forget Megan Kelly’s vicious below the belt assault on Trump. I can’t. I’m even envious. Nor will an apology excuse her in my mind. The following artillery barrage directed at Trump from every side was not much different from the pounding the sands of Iraq took in Iraq War I.

According to Ye Editor it appears that since he hates, yea verily, hates Trump the right thing for Trump to have done was to take it lying down, lick his wounds, and go home and sulk.

Ho ho, what does the very bad hombre do instead? That bastard Trump fought back and not only fought back but fought back successfully. The Bastard Trump belittled his belittlers and like that careening planet from Outer Space will do to Homeland Earth Trump reduced them to dust.

Why then Boy Rubio gave up in disgust and lambasted the ridiculous notion that censorship wasn’t more stringent. His actual words were that when anyone can say what they want you have chaos. By anyone he meant anyone other than his and Ye Editor’s side.

Ye Editor refuses to recognize that his side’s failed policies have so antagonized the knuckle dragging public out there (where I live) that they and I would select the devil if he promised, to put it rudely and crudely, kick the asses of those who have betrayed us. Hate laws, indeed!

Say what ye will, Ye Editor, you’re just going to have to live with Trump and we’re going to piss all over you and your stooge Barack Obama.

Vote for Donald Trump, one muy bad hombre.


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