America! Get Your Act Together!


Get Your Act Together


R.E. Prindle

This is the first thing I’ve seen

That suggests Mr. Trump is

Ideologically conscious of what he’s doing.

Peggy Noonan- Wall Street Journal

May 28, 2016

Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan may be close to getting it but ‘it’ still eludes her.

She quotes Trump as saying that he’s leading a ‘movement.’ I would disagree with both her and Trump; he’s leading an insurgency or insurrection. All us ‘domestic terrorists’ have been in rebellion against Liberal idiocy for years. Our rights have been trampled on to benefit immigrants. Hate laws have been passed disenfranchising us, making us second class citizens. Trump gets ‘it.’

Trump is not intuiting anything as a quote from a Mr. Green Peggy uses says: Trump is not intuiting he is reading big bold white letters on a black wall. The two party system is dead.

Thanks to various creeps who insisted on unlimited immigration we now have ‘identity’ politics. Negroes now control most of America’s largest cities enclosing Congressional districts; therefore we have the Negro bloc in Congress. We also have a Jewish bloc, an Hispanic or Mexican bloc, a Moslem bloc will follow. The Chinese will soon show their strength, gays undoubtedly are behind them.

Trump, if he is sincere, leads the Aryan or White bloc. So, while the fiction of two parties may be entertained for a while that phase of American history is over. We now have blocs. If Trump wants to insure an electoral victory in November his main plank should be the revocation of the Hate laws, restoring all people to equality. The time when so-called minorities needed protection is past history. Equality begins with equality before the law. You can’t have a lawful society without it. Take heed! If any group or minority can’t carry the bucket then they should set the bucket down and admit inferiority. Enough of this catering to losers.

Listen to Trump: he’s for winners.

Obama wanted change ‘we’ can believe in. Trump is it- if he’s sincere. A chance we have to take.

Polls show men are behind him. Unless women are not revolted by the mass rape of German women in Cologne by Moslem men they should be backing Trump too. Why vote to be raped? How can any woman vote to bring mass rapists into the country? There isn’t a man or woman who wouldn’t benefit by voting Trump.

America!  Get Your Act Together


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