What’s Really Going On With This Toilet Thing?



What’s Really Going On With

This Toilet Thing?


R.E. Prindle


These men using the women’s toilet thing is taking on astonishing proportions. The idea itself is the height of insanity to my understanding but the sacrifice employers and people are willing to make to implement it is beyond belief.

Target Stores, a prototypical ‘family’ store, after announcing its policy of allowing perverts in women’s toilets received immediate condemnation but rather than rescind its decision put its corporate chin up and said we’ll brave hell itself but we’re not backing down.

Today protestors are coursing through the aisles shouting slogans and waving signs. Close to two million people have signed a petition denouncing Target’s policy vowing not to shop there. Still, in what could easily be a bankrupting situation Target pledges to persist regardless of any consequences. Hell, people didn’t even get that upset about Pearl Harbor.

Target is a publicly traded company whose shareholders will suffer great losses. If they aren’t selling yet they may soon, dropping Target’s share price to near zero. Target says they don’t care. They’d rather coming suicide. Are you kidding me? What’s so important about some dickless guys?

This is unbelievable. When I say unbelievable, I mean unbelievable. What do the directors of Target have invested in guys with sexual problems. That’s usually a medical problem. How can they possibly care?

Obama I can understand. But listen to our first transgender president. He’s, unable to get a law passed, issued an executive order commanding public schools, we’re talking grade, Jr. and high schools, to let men use the girls’ toilet and even shower with the girls. He’ll probably starting bussing them to the toilet.

He doesn’t have the balls (pun intended) to try to legally enforce his ukase but he threatens to cut off federal funding to any entity that refuses to do so. Nationwide this would involve probably hundreds of billions of dollars. Obviously he trying to cut the federal deficit. But, this is crazy. We’re treading backwards in the ozone here folks.

Why should corporate executives, and Target isn’t the only one, and the President of the United States have such solicitude for these mentally deranged guys? Why? Why> What makes these perverts saints to what one would assume are the most reasonable people?

I don’t have the answer. I’m just laughing out loud.


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