The True Globalism- America First



America First-

The True Globalism


R.E. Prindle


When it comes to today’s ruling philosophy of Globalism let me say at the outset and right here and now, I am as Global in my outlook as anyone and more intelligently than most. However the globe is a vasty ball rolling ‘cross the sky and my home is a fixed relatively small place. As I look out my window I don’t see a globe; I see a flat disc. As Rudyard Kipling put in his poem Sussex:

God gave all men all earth to love,

But, since our hearts are small,

Ordained for each one spot should prove

Beloved over all.

As Kipling rightly sees that even though the fate of all lives are mingled and all earth holy that which is of me and mine is holiest of all. Kipling goes on:

So one shall Baltic pines content,

Or one some Surrey glade,

Or one some palm-grove’s droned lament

Before Levuka’s Trade.

Each to his choice, and I rejoice

The lot that has fallen to me

In a fair ground – in a fair ground –

Yea, Sussex by the sea!

Yea, as I live here in the land of the Douglas fir, and it seems paradise to me. Looking further out I live in the United States of America and its welfare comes first to me among all other nations.

China has it claims for the Chinese I’m sure. The Chinese being able bodied people require no sacrifice from me or mine or the people of the US. True, our destinies are in a general way entwined but we all have to look to our own interests first. First for me and mine, first for my city and first for America the place that gave me my identity. I am not Chinese, I am not Indian, I am not African. They are all able bodied people well able to look after themselves and I’m sure they place their interests first and may God bless them but in the struggle for the last crust of bread I place my needs first.

Kipling writing in 1899 at the height of the White Man’s domination of the world also wrote of what he assumed was the White Man’s responsibility. He called his poem The White Man’s Burden:

Take up the White Man’s burden-

Send forth the best ye breed-

Go bind your sons to exile

To serve your captives’ need;

To wait in heavy harness

On fluttered folk and wild-

Your new caught, sullen peoples

Half devil and half child.

Kipling’s was an admirable creed for a singular time but that time has long since passed and our ‘new caught, sullen peoples’ have assimilated our economy and machine guns, even our atom bombs. Times have changed, power relations have altered. Our task ‘to serve our captive’s needs’ has now been completed. It is time they repaid the debt. It is time we laid the White Man’s Burden down.

I believe that is presidential candidate Donald Trump’s message. Lay that burden down. We don’t have to make concessions to the Chinese, Africans or any of the ‘sullen peoples’ any longer. The Republican Establishment or Old Guard still clings to the White Supremacist attitude inherent in the lines of Kipling’s White Man’s Burden. They are willing to sacrifice our identity, our worth, to ‘lifting’ people who have their own identity and sense of worth and who no longer need the White Man’s largess, if they ever did.

Let the dead past bury its dead. The Republican Establishment represents that dead past while Trump looks to the horizon of the future, that Brave New World that requires a brave new attitude in competition with all on equal terms for the fair fruits of the earth. The intertwining of fates in globalism is inescapable but globalism itself is a mirage because:

God gave all men all earth to love,

But, since men’s hearts are small,

Ordains for each one spot shall prove

Beloved over all.

Each to his choice, and I rejoice

The lot that has fallen to me

In a fair ground – in a fair ground –

[Here in the USA.]

America First.

Vote Trump!


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