The Trump Saga: Fish or Cut Bait



The Trump Saga:

Fish or Cut Bait


R.E. Prindle



The shock and awe campaign of Donald Trump has drawn to a successful conclusion. The battle has been won. Now that the Establishment, dazed and confused, is picking themselves up from the floor their reactions are being revealed.

The issue of the 5/5/16 Wall Street Journal exhibits the Establishment’s pain; we can feel it. While it is clear to the rest of us that Trump is the Republican nominee the WSJ headlines its front page: The Making Of The Likely Presidential Nominee… What? It’s not over yet? The Establishment is shadow boxing with fate or what? Conceding something to reality the actual article is headed: Trump’s Biggest Trophy Yet: The Republican Party. The bit is subtitled: New York Businessman (that’s derogatory) who started planning in 2012, outmaneuvered GOP leaders and rivals.

Well, yes, one man against the odds and the man won. That’s worth a little applause isn’t it? It was a nasty below the belt offense too and Trump took them down.

While it is said that winners write the history, in this case the losers lecture Trump on what he must do next.

In this case pundits Daniel Henniger, Karl Rove and Ye Anonymous Editor line up to take their shots. Obviously depth is needed. It is difficult to know where to begin. Can’t do justice to them all. So Anon. first:

A plurality of GOP voters also rejected the strongest presidential field in memory to elevate a businessman of few fixed convictions and little policy knowledge who has the highest disapproval ratings in the history of presidential polling…


Mr. Trump wasn’t our first choice or even our 15th, but the reality is that more GOP voters preferred him to the alternatives.

Yes, Anon., reality is a bitch, ain’t it?

What Anon. perceived as ‘the strongest field in memory; appeared to we knuckle draggers as the most wretched thus the majority of Republicans who voted, not a plurality, selected the best of the field elevating him from 15th to first. Back in the old days they used to call that democracy and acknowledged that the majority ruled. In fact, not to long ago I saw those facts heralded in the WSJ. It’s all perspective, isn’t it?

Well never mind, unless the Establishment has more dirty tricks up its sleeve let’s just say that Trump is not the ‘likely’ nominee he is the nominee.

And then comes faded political guru Karl Rove to announce ‘what Trump needs now’. Karl Rove last led the disastrous presidency of the failed George Bush. I don’t want to kick up any dust but it has recently been demonstrated that the royal house of Saud was fully cognizant of the impending attack on the United State by Saudi citizens. In fact, they were ‘likely’ the organizers. So far so good. However, to my mind that means that Bush and by association Rove were probably in on it. Was it a coincidence that Bush was reading to kindergartners in far away Florida when that plane was headed to ram the White House? I don’t want to go too far out on this limb so, you tell me.

I’m sure Mr. Trump appreciates your advice Mr. Rove but your record is very spotty, even smudged.

So, barring further dirty tricks Trump is the nominee not the ‘likely’ nominee. Rather than trying to placate these Establishment clowns Trump should just shoulder them aside and proclaim himself Mr. Republican Party. Trump has shown he can fish, let the Establishment cut bait.


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