Viva Trump!!!



Viva Trump!


R.E. Prindle



A rather surprising development in the Republican Primary is that both Cruz and Casich threw in the towel in the wake of Trump’s overwhelming win in Indiana.

Not so surprising are the cries and wails of pain from the Trump haters who have spent tens of millions of dollars defaming him. Predictably they are threatening to start a third party to undermine his candidacy. I certainly hope they do, nay, pray they do.

While their intent is to undermine Trump what they would actually do is undermine Hillary or Sanders, whichever comes out on top on the Democratic side. As these terrible people are absolutely opposed to the Trump program the most they could offer is a carbon copy of the Obama-Hillary program already in place that the establishment wing of the Republican Party already endorses. That will hurt Hillary not Trump.

The main problem facing Trump, as I assume he will win the November election, is Obama’s threat that Trump will never be president. Obama is quite correct in fearing a Trump presidency as Trump has every intention of revoking every Executive Order Obama signed.

Overturn the whole lot essentially nullifying the Obama presidency. Obama cannot tolerate being tossed down the historical memory hole. Those grey hairs were earned.

If he is sincere, and I think he is, he has only two options; either assassinate Trump or write an executive order making himself permanent dictator thus refusing to step down.

Perhaps Obama should explain his statement. Sour grapes or what? Is he going to accept a Trump presidency or not?

As for Trump he is going to need an organization of at least a hundred men and women to manage the huge and complicated mess Obama will have left behind. They should be recruited and get to work now planning their course of action during the first year.

Obama has essentially run a spoils system rather than a merit one so those appointees can be dismissed immediately replaced by Trump people. All departments will have to be overhauled while dozens of Obama agencies can be shut down immediately.

Most importantly Trump should organize a propaganda department to equal or surpass that of Obama. There should be a constant stream of articles establishing the administration point of view especially the change of attitude toward trade- the equalization of trade relations. It is very important that the public understand the equalization as well as the equalization of other problems. Equalization of trade and employment comes first.

As regards Mexico there should be equalization of political rights and privileges of Americans to match those granted to Mexicans in the US. Jalisco and other Mexican States are already heavily populated by Americans. These Americans must be given dual citizenship with all the rights accorded native Mexicans. This is our continent not Mexico’s. With Americans elected to important Mexican offices including possibly President equalization can begin in earnest.

Yes, friends, a new sun is rising on a new world. Welcome the Golden Circle.

Viva Trump!!!


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