The US-Mexican War Of 2016 Begins



US-Mexican War Of 2016 Begins


The Battle of Orange County Fairgrounds


R.E. Prindle


How far will the Mexican government go to prevent Donald Trump from being elected president? Reports surfaced a few weeks ago of a determined campaign to register Mexican nationals occupying the US to vote against Trump.

One must ask the question is the Mexican government behind the military style action against the Trump rally in Orange County? Here the combatants a paramilitary unit organized by the Mexican government to attack the Trump rally?

Combatants claimed that the streets belonged to them. In other words they had successfully occupied US territory in their own eyes. This must mean that whatever streets they have claimed are now a no-go zone for Americans. The streets and the area they enclose are a Mexican national colony. Indeed the paramilitary troops arrived with Mexican flags flying. Doesn’t that seem clear to you?

Who are you going to believe: the Liberals or your lyin’ eyes? Go for your lyin’ eyes folks. The invasion is real.

Shouldn’t the Mexican consulates by closed and their staffs ejected? Doesn’t it appear that the Mexican government is terrified that Trump will actually close the border disrupting their plans? I’m sure they are.

Stop calling these military style battles riots; stop calling the paramilitary troops protestors.

This was the Battle of the Orange County Fairgrounds in an attempt to control the election in the neighboring country of the US. Who is going to seat the next president of the US, Mexican paramilitaries or dedicated US citizens? End no-go area now. Regain control of the streets of America by any means necessary.

Invade Mexico


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