Kamau Kambon, Harriet Tubman And Whiteness



Kamau Kambon, Harriet Tubman And Whiteness


R.E. Prindle


The war against Whites and Whiteness goes on. While the placement of an inconsequential Negro ex-slave, Harriet Tubman, on the twenty dollar bill shoving Andrew Jackson into the trashbin of history may seem of little moment the intent is more significant than the deed.

While the uproar of a few years back caused by the Jew Noel Ignatiev and the Negro Kamau Kambon has receded or perhaps has been memory holed their legacy comes nearer fruition step by step. Speaking for his Jews Ignatiev intoned that Whiteness must disappear from the earth while for his Negroes Kambon merely wanted Whites exterminated.

Both come closer. Remember that hetero-White men have been marginalized, made inconsequential by the Jewish Hate Law that makes him the only ‘unprotected’ racial and sexual group in the US. In other words, he has been placed outside the law.

That key piece of legislation having been achieved, the erasure of the White past goes on. Sports teams from basketball to football are now nearly all Black and Brown while fewer and fewer White players are even considered for the leagues. Based on the ridiculous proposition that the White 67% of the population is incapable of playing while a mere 14% of the population is so capable they provide 60 to 90% of team personnel.   Did I hear the word: prejudice?

On the Supreme Court if Obama is successful seven out of nine judges will be non-White or female while no White Protestant is deemed worthy of inclusion. Four would be Jewish and one Black while five are Catholic. Any other appointee should Obama appoint him would doubtless be a woman or non-White, but not a White Protestant.

As the non-White percentage grows street names, statues, and public buildings will increasingly obliterate the memory of Whites. This is inevitable. Historically when one group replaces another they appropriate religious shrines and public honors.

One may expect a continuing distortion of history taught in schools as White contributions are minimized and the deeds or whatever of non-entities like Harriet Tubman are emphasized.

The process as you can see is actually well advanced. The team of the Jewish Jack Lew and Negro Barack Obama are rapidly pushing it forward. Even something so obvious is either going unnoticed or applauded by limp wristed Whites. Indeed, Quisling collaborators.

Both the Republican and Democratic establishments apparently unable to recognize the disappearance of their influence assist in their demise. They are even trying to kill the candidacy of Donald Trump who appears to threaten their lassitude.

The placement of Harriet Tubman on the twenty is significant. It is a sign of the continuing displacement of the White majority that should be in its prime.

Welcome to the New Stone Age.


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