An Open Letter To The Editors Of The Wall Street Journal



An Open Letter To The Editors

Of The Wall Street Journal

Let’s Get This Straight About The Election


R.E. Prindle


In an unsigned article today (4/21/16) an unknown editor afraid to sign his name attempts to lay down the law for the electorate. The Oracle of the Elite speaks. He essentially says Reince Priebus and the RNC and whoever is backing him that they are going to do whatever they please in the selection of the Republican candidate and if we don’t like it we can stuff it.

This historical moron of an editor quotes nineteenth century procedures as though they apply to today.

For his info those procedures ended in 1960 when the media or whoever inaugurated the new era of the idiotic television debates took over. Trump understands media. The candidates no longer controlled their campaigns but were forced into a straight jacket on TV. The old ‘rules’ no longer apply. Since then the candidate has been chosen by popular vote in the primaries.   If Trump has the popular vote by many millions he is the candidate. He has run the course, invested his time and money and no nancy boy of the stripe of Boehner and Ryan is going to replace him. The editor may have a soft spot for the soft boys but we don’t. One nance as president is enough. He’s over in Saudi Arabia selling us out to his Moslems.

With all due respect the Republican hierarchy is composed of morons living in a distant past. The only candidate that can be elected in November is Trump. In case you morons don’t know it at least thirty percent of registered Democrats are going to jump the party line, perhaps more. As registered Democrats they just can’t vote Trump in the primaries. If you will note the Democratic interest is way down; Republican interest is way up. It’s not because of you dodos. Get a clue.

There is no question but that Trump is going to redirect the political trajectory from the absolutely failed policies you idiots have been forcing on us. Read the writing on the wall for Christ’s sake. What it is telling you in this election is to stuff it.

You say: The ‘rule’ in both parties’ nomination conventions throughout US history is simple. The delegates make the decisions and the majority rules. The majority, no more, no less.

Here’s the reality you have shown us, there aren’t any rules. Your motto is simply Stop Trump by any means necessary. Your campaign of vitriol, uncivil language including death threats, and undisguised hatred of Trump has disregarded all rules and even common decency. Do you have any idea how you come across on TV and in print?

The absolutely evil debating system you creeps devised that was designed solely to embarrass and defile Trump failed. What Trump represents, which reflects the majority view, repudiates your criminal designs. Now remember according to you the majority rules.

Back room selections at conventions went out in 1960. Your view of history as one continuous unbroken tradition is erroneous. Your generalization has no foundation and is false. You have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in a foul defamation campaign against your own best bet and it has failed. Yet you persist in your folly. How thick can you be? Trump has spent next to nothing proving that money is not the sole criterion for election. Brings tears to your eyes, doesn’t it?

You boys don’t have a nancy boy equal to the task; look what happened to Rubio. Give it up and come out of the toilet for a breath of fresh air.

Get behind Trump morons. It is the rule for the party to back its only candidate who can win in November.


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