Mary O’ Grady On Crime And Criminals



Mary O’ Grady On Crime And Criminals


R.E. Prindle


One wonders if the writers at the Wall Street Journal are visiting the planet from a parallel universe where they do things differently. For instance Miss Mary Anastasia O’ Grady has contributed her opinion on ‘Trump’s Crumbling Wall Plan’. (WSJ. 4/11/16 p. A11)

Obviously she’s talking about our neighbors to the South of that old fashioned term Border who clearly have no respect for international conventions and laws, both as people and the government. That’s why they’re called illegals in the US. Sometimes a country should be concerned with how many and who are knocking on heaven’s door- El Paridiso EU.

In three amusing sentences Mary writes:

If voter surveys are correct, Trump supporters are largely native-born and economically aggrieved. As such they are susceptible to ultra-nationalistic attacks on foreign countries. Mexico is the perfect whipping boy.

Hey, now, slow down Mary. Your conditional ‘if’ is a mighty big conditional which you seem to accept as true from what follows that if. Certainly Trump’s supporters are ‘largely’ native-born, that is legal citizens who are having their lives unpleasantly disrupted by people, ‘largely Mexican’, who appear to have no respect for the laws of the US. Since they are breaking those laws that ‘largely’ makes them criminals. Yet you applaud these millions of criminals who illegally enter the US and want no interference in their committing this crime.

Now, what does that say about you Mary?

And now, ‘economically aggrieved.’ Yes, I suppose many people who have seen their jobs shipped to lower wage Mexico are aggrieved but then you aren’t faulting them for that? Where you haid Mary? I myself am not economically aggrieved but I’m sure there is some other reason for supporting Trump. Psychotic? Knuckle dragger? Domestic terrorist?

Don’t you think it’s odd that in this election year Massa Barry has stopped talking about domestic terrorists? No matter, the last I heard he had no patience for some offender, I forget who.

You follow with this line: As such they are susceptible to ultra-nationalist attacks on foreign countries.

That one really boggles my mind and, I, for one, have never attacked countries. Mainly because no country has ever attacked me. I do attack individuals, intellectually speaking of course, and in these attacks I do not discriminate by nationality. Merkel, Soros, Sarkozy, Cameron, they’re all one to me and fair game at that. Don’t they just want to make you scream, Mary? But whipping Mexico? Never, Dear One, Never.

And finally Mary, and perhaps at last, you do not appear to have noticed how Massa Barry, that old slave driver, has creatively used the executive order to override laws, decency and the Constitution of the United States. And his masterful diplomacy, oh Lord, in Libya, Syria and adjacent States. Oh my, it makes me proud to watch old Six-gun Barry in action. Constitution? He don’t need no steenking Constitution.

To think Trump could say he wants to put US interests first!!! Damme, let’s not sell the country to China, let’s give it to them.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion though Mary. You’ve got yours and us knuckle draggers and Trump supporters have ours.



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