The Crisis And Tragedy Of US Politics



The Crisis And Tragedy Of US Politics


R.E. Prindle


The political establishment is united against one man. They are using every trick, every ruse, every ploy no matter how immoral and dishonest to ‘stop’ him. Their vitriolic hatred exceeding all bounds that this one man releases in their contorted souls and faces gives one pause.

One is irresistibly drawn to a comparison with the Wizard of Oz. As you recall the Wizard was a fat little man who directed affairs from behind a curtain while projecting through ‘media’ microphones and such an omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent persona. His very word was law until Dorothy pulled the curtain aside revealing his reality.

Donald Trump also has drawn the curtain aside revealing the fraudulent reality these old line politicians ask us to believe in. It is a world projected from yesterday bearing no relevance to today. Indeed these odd fellows are in charge of nothing being directed by the very ‘colored’ people they think in their White Supremacy frame of mind they are directing.

Another example for the cinematic buffs is to be found in the film The Testament Of Dr. Mabuse. Mabuse is insane but a master hypnotist. He gathers his followers in his auditorium and lectures them in a big commanding voice behind a curtain like the Wizard. One finally ventures to pull the curtain aside to reveal a phonograph playing a record.

You can imagine how the whole political establishment is enraged at Donald Trump for pulling the curtain back and forcing them to look, to see that their fabulous and fraudulent reality doesn’t exist anymore. Not by a long shot.

Nothing Trump says, they say, will work. Gosh, if you push the Chinese back won’t they retaliate? Perish the thought; when has that ever happened before? As Trump says, we’ve got them dangling by a thread; one snip of the shears and their world collapses in a heap. I mean, we owe them money they will never collect.

Are they as stupid as our political establishment? Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps they will realize that the really good times when they bamboozled the Americans at will are over.   Perhaps then maybe they instead will say, Let’s make a deal instead of laughing as they see US politicians falling all over themselves saying, Yassuh, big boss man.

If the American public wants a good laugh at their expense too, Vote Trump.

It is now or never. The auction block awaits. Our colored friends are advancing rope in hand to string our odd fellow politicians up and us with them. The thing is the pols can’t see it. None are so blind as those that will not see. Hey, Don, give us another snapshot of these guys in their cute little clown suits.


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