An Open Letter To Peg Noonan Of The Wall Street Journal



An Open Letter To Peg Noonan Of The Wall Street Journal

They Also Serve Who Only Stand And Wait


R.E. Prindle


Perhaps a change is gonna come. The ever escalating Moslem outrages may finally have awakened the less alert among us. Of all people Peg Noonan writing in the Wall Street Journal of 3/26-27/16 titled her column Unite To Defeat Radical Jihadism. Welcome to the living Peg. May I give some impressions- impressions- not criticisms to enlighten the argument you have advanced.

It is redundant to refer to ‘Jihadism’ as radical. Jihad is a Moslem military plan of action to conquer the non-Moslem world. Of Course as you move to recognition of the problem it is less easy for you to deny that the Moslem people are involved, not them, because that would be bigotry, so ‘Jihadism’ a more racially neutral term.

No criticism, Peg, but you are not yet ready to face the facts. You still believe that ‘a whole people cannot be held accountable for the actions of a few.’ This isn’t true and you have several examples before you to prove it. I can’t say you do believe it but I’d be surprised if you didn’t, but it is an article of faith that all Germans are responsible for the holocaust of the Jews. That’s what we’re taught and as far as I can see believe. All Germans have to pay a penalty, a very heavy one, for what the Nazi minority did and go on paying it forever. Further Peg as you well know we are taught that all White Americans are inherently racists. All White people bear responsibility for enslaving the Negro. Reparations from all White people are due ad infinitum to the end of time. If you and everyone you have ever come into contact with doesn’t believe the above examples I would have to say you’re prevaricating.

In addition all White people are guilty of the Crusades in Moslem eyes.

But you believe that not all Jews, not all Moslems, not all Negroes are guilty of the actions of their few. I think they are Peg. A notion from the 19th century that seems to have been lost in the mists of time is that ‘they also serve who only stand and wait.’ To not denounce is to approve. Moslems have never denounced a single atrocity committed by their ‘few.’

As that grand old Roman Seneca put it:

If fortune had removed you from the foremost position in the State, you should nevertheless stand your ground and help with your words, and if someone stops your mouth, you should nevertheless stand your ground and help in silence. The service of a good citizen is never useless: by being heard and seen, by his expression, by his gestures, by his stubbornness and by his very walk he helps.

There are no innocent Moslems, Peg. They are all helping according to the terms of Seneca. As far as our people go, Peg, OUR PEOPLE, cherish that thought, I hope I can never be accused of not helping them in any way I can. White Supremacy is not evil or even bad. If Whites are not supreme the Moslems, the Negroes, the Jews, the Chinese or someone else will be.

If you or any Whites are willing to be slaves to less deserving peoples, Peg, may you enjoy your humiliation.

Donald Trump sees our danger while he is willing to put his life, his career, his fortune on the line unlike the whining, pusillanimous Republican Elites who are gleefully leading us into slavery.

May the Gods of our Fathers smite them as they deserve.

Take the next step, Peg, call it Radical Islam, then take a bigger step and just say, Moslems. They also serve as they stand and wait.


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