Shame On The Republican Elite Insiders



Shame On The Republican Elite Insiders


R.E. Prindle


The hypocrisy of Trump’s detractors is disgusting. The attempt to portray Trump as an ignoramus and bigoted unfair competitor is belied by their own actions. There is nothing more bigoted than their attacks on this man.

From the beginning they have blared their deep rooted hatred for him. No attempt to conceal it. It is unrelenting hatred; they not only insult and defame Trump but in their uncontrolled frenzy they insult and defame the electorate. One wonders what this hideous cult of Elite Insiders hopes to gain by snarlingly depicting the electorate as ignorant knuckle dragging bigots from the Jurassic Age. Do they think these depicted morons are going to vote for them and would they even accept their votes from such people?

Do I consider their depiction an accurate portrait of myself for instance? Not by a long shot. All the Elite Insiders have achieved is validate the notion that they don’t care what the electorate thinks or wants; damn the electorate to hell they say, they think they know what is best, not necessarily for the electorate but for some fantastic notion of some dystopic utopia. Quite frankly they seem to be insane candidates for the asylum of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether.

However a funny thing happened on the road to Brussels didn’t it?

As the primary campaign progresses and Trump doesn’t seem to be losing momentum the Elite sinks to ever lower and lower tricks and ploys. They created riots at his rallies and then blamed the violence on Trump because, as the saying goes, he is just too controversial, in other words he points out their failings too clearly.

Not satisfied with creating the horrendous Chicago riots forcing Trump to cancel his rally, the foul perverts even ran an ad portraying a nude photograph of the beauteous Melania Trump taken back in the days when she was a world famous model and deservedly so.

Do these evil Insiders have any idea of the nature of the society they have created? Do they not look at fashion magazines? Do they not view the pornography filmed by Hollywood on a daily basis and offered to the American public as the only fare available? Heck Hollywood movies are so filthy they have put Playboy and Penthouse magazines out of business. Are they not aware of teenage girls flashing nude selfies across the internet?

One might ask why Heidi and Hillary haven’t taken nude photos of themselves for our edification? Don’t worry, we would be too polite to laugh.

Nevertheless, Melania’s photo was displayed in Mitt Romney’s home territory of Mormonland where the boys have multiple wives and presumably was prepared by those highly moral Mormons. What does that say about the morality of Mitt? What does that say about the morality of Mormons as a whole? What does that say about Ted Cruz who must have authorized it or else why didn’t he censor Mitt and the Mormons instead of gleefully taking their votes? Or can Lyin’ Ted disclaim all these irregularities or crimes from his camp and expect us to believe him. No wonder Trump calls him Lyin’ Ted. There are too many instances for Ted to deny them; either that or he has no control of his campaign and if he can’t control his campaign what sort of president would he make?

Shame on Mitt! Shame on Ryan! Shame on Ted; shame on the Mormons who sink so low as to deny their claims to superior morality.

Down with them! Vote Trump!


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