The Republican Dilemma: Trump Or Anarchy



The Republican Dilemma: Trump Or Anarchy


R.E. Prindle


While the Republican Insiders seem to have been sleepwalking through a dream for the past decade or so they have failed to note the mounting rage at their failed policies by a betrayed America. That fury has finally broken forth in the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Know that you Insiders are a failed morally corrupt group whose actions have denied their claims to democracy with whom their constituency, the voters, will have nothing to do. Yes, there has been a tectonic shift going on beneath your feet. You apparently don’t understand you are dancing in midair. Trump understands and represents the direction of that shift. Set your mind on this: we will have Trump or the election goes to the Democrats and the Republican Party goes into the trash bin of history.

We will not vote for Cruz, we will not vote for Romney, we will not vote for Ryan. We will stay home but we will not sulk. We will prepare for judgment day.

If nominated Trump will walk all over Clinton. By the time hundreds or thousands of more innocents are murdered by Moslems with Clinton defending the murderers there is no chance in this hell you’re creating that she will be elected. Cruz and Kasich should step down and drop out. Cruz, no matter what clever tricks he may pull to capture the nomination if he succeeds will never be elected president. If he thinks otherwise he is fooling himself. His very face says that he is not trustworthy. Look at his numbers. Look at his regions. Idaho and Utah are Mormon States. There aren’t that many more Mormons left to back him.

Subtract the States of Texas and Oklahoma, his home territory, and what do you have, next to nothing. A recent New York poll found Trump squashing Cruz, 64% to 14%.   New York is squarely for Trump. Another couple massacres, that long hot summer is coming, and there can be little doubt that Trump will capture California where he is leading now.

Do numbers mean anything to you? Would writing on the wall help?

You may think you are thwarting Trump with your criminal campaign against him but look beyond Trump at the electorate. That’s us. You have consistently reviled us as knuckle draggers, domestic terrorists, under educated, ignorant, White Trash, and garbage. Let me ask you: how much do you think we value you bastards opinion? What?

You might not like the future Trump represents but the knuckle dragging voting public does. Just listen to the smug crap you denigrate the voters with whose votes you want. One of yours, Peg Noonan of the WSJ demeans us as garbage. Do you think the Garbage is going to vote your way? Think again.

And if you think race and religion aren’t issues in this campaign listen to Brussels. Another of hundreds of Semitic murderous outrages. The outrages don’t diminish they go on increasing. If that’s your plan, it’s working. I’m sure you can count on dozens more, reported or unreported, between now and election day.   Several will probably happen here in the ‘homeland.’ Don’t go out at night hey?

And you think only horrible bigots object to the continued importation of Moslem warriors? Hell, even in Brussels they finally woke up and realized this is war. Yes, it is war, not terrorism.

Of course after you’ve imported several million Moslem warriors into our ‘homeland’ now is rather a belated awakening. God, I hate Ryan’s smarmy face.

But for you Republican Insiders there is still time wake up to Trump’s worth. Do it now. Get behind the only candidate who has any grasp of current affairs and stop slamming Trump, Dead Men. Put an end to the violence you’re causing at his rallies. Believe me, it will soon turn into a battle for control of the streets. Viz. Baltimore. You are the ones responsible.


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