A Question For Donald Trump: Are We Men Or Are We Devo?

A Question For Donald Trump:

Are We Not Men?  Or Are We Devo?


R.E. Prindle


In the 3/19/16 Wall Street Journal Miss Peggy Noonan asks what I imagine is a rhetorical question: Will the GOP break apart or evolve? Apparently no one in politics today remembers the word Insurgency- the Young Turks vs. the Old Fossils. That is what is happening now, an insurgency. Trump represents the forward looking half of the Party while McConnell, Ryan and that ilk are living in the comfortable past of the post-war, pre-9/11 fantasy of US omniscience and omnipotence while patiently bearing the White Man’s burden.

In addition to 9/11 your untried inexperienced street person Barack Obama blew away the Fossils’ vision of America’s omnipotence. That America no longer exists. Twits like the Mexican el presidentes feel powerful enough to demean the US president while telling us how to manage our side of the border. Obama even does his best to neutralize the Border Patrol to help the Mexicans along. You think I’m worried about a Trump presidency? Think again.

Negroes took control of the streets of Baltimore with the full complicity of the authorities. No objections came from the Fossils. The Negroes shut down America’s Baseball game with nary a squawk from the Fossils. The teams actually played to an empty stadium because ‘it was too dangerous for Whites to attend.’ The previous night when the Negroes rioted in front of the stadium and the police were told to stand down and let the guys who wanted to loot and kill have their fill, thousands of White men were imprisoned against their will in the stadium lest they emerge to contest the streets and thrash the Negro goons thus retaining the balance of power. Thank you Old Fossils.

McConnell and the Fossils represented criminals, looting and rioting.

Miss Peggy sounds as if she’s vacillating almost realizing the enormity of the situation but then she compares Trump’s supporters to garbage.   I didn’t mind the domestic terrorist smear so much while I found knuckledragging Neanderthals a risible smear.. I do object to her calling me, a Trump supporter with a fourteen year old mind ‘a particular kind of garbage.’ What kind, Peg?

I ask Miss Peggy to consider the field of our choices now reduced to four candidates and Kasich, a most marginal candidate now that Ohio’s over. Hillary is absolutely disgusting while guilty of enormous incompetence as Secretary Of State. I’m a little wary of the value of her experience. Sanders is personally offensive while being less qualified than Trump and a Bolshevic apparently subordinate to an international terrorist who has been banned from Russia and should be by the United States. Ted Cruz, who is apparently owned by Goldman-Sachs and is less presidential material than Clinton and Sanders. The last candidate being offered us is Donald Trump. Who exactly were the Fossils going to offer us as a brokered candidate? M-m-m, naw, not that loser.

Trump’s detractors say he isn’t qualified as an executive even though he has built up and runs a multi-billion dollar company. Yet these same detractors have consistently knuckled under to a street person cum community organizer who didn’t even have Trump’s qualifications. No wonder Trump is disgusted with Washington politics.

So he has begun an insurgency to capture the Party and expel the Fossils. If he is sincere, if Cruz is sincere, and if the Tea Party people are sincere they should form a bloc and wrest control from the Fossils. When the convention meets they should place themselves in charge and let the Fossils scramble for whatever crumbs they can pick up. But if the Party breaks up as Miss Peggy fears then Trump should be leading the Party and the Fossils can form a third party or become Democrats which is who they act like anyway.

Are we not men? Or, are we Devo?


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