Do The Right Thing



Do The Right Thing


R.E. Prindle


Thousands of people at the Bomber Billy Ayers stronghold of UIllinois-Chicago shouting Sanders, Sanders hoodies up and the best Republican candidate we have, Donald Trump, is accused of inciting violence?

Did anyone note that Ayers disciple Barry Obama pardoned several Weathermen, Ayers group, who robbed an armored car, killing the guard because Obama thought thirty years was enough? Aren’t Obama and Ayers excusing and encouraging violence? Do leopards change their spots or is Ayers merely continuing his long long career of violence. Bad habits acquired in the Sixties are hard to shake. Snort another line Billy.

And these thousands shouting Sanders, Sanders. Can’t the old Bolshevic Bernie control his deranged followers? Or, is Bernie so crazed he’s directing them? I think the latter. So far no word from the Sander’s camp chastising his kids.

And that creep Rubio in Florida condemning Trump for supposedly encouraging Sanders’ lunatics to invade his rally? Talking about Trump encouraging chaos and anarchy because he speaks the truth?

If even one Floridian votes for Rubio on Tuesday it will be a smear on Florida. I hope the Floridians will bury Rubio under a torrent of Trump votes on Tuesday. Floridians get the vote out in FLA for Trump on Tuesday. Watch for dirty tricks from the Insiders and vote Trump. Do the right thing.


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