In Defense Of White Supremacism

 In Defense Of White Supremacism


R.E. Prindle


In the late 1950s, Bill Buckley decreed that nobody whose name appeared on the masthead of the American Mercury magazine would be published in the pages of National Review. The once illustrious Mercury of H.L. Mencken had become a gutter of far right anti-Semites.

Bret Stephens, WSJ, 3/1/16


Well, now we know who Bret Stephens is. If anyone can remember who Bill Buckley was, he was the perfect image of a walking prick. Obviously I have a different opinion than Bret. Bill was no conservative; read his novel about the great Joe McCarthy in which Buckley virtually confesses to be a Communist plant along with the top ‘conservative’ voice of England. I figured that out in 1964 from reading the National Review when I was a mere boy of twenty-six.

He was not only death on the American Mercury that few people read or even knew existed but he combined with Chad Mitchell (of the trio) to root out ‘foul’ John Birchers. I wasn’t one; I learned in the McCarthy years that it didn’t pay to be a joiner. I have never joined anything. Doesn’t mean I’m safe though.

Still, I read a lot, both bidden and forbidden books. That’s the same as Orthodox and outside the pale of respectability. Today I find myself siding with what the Orthodox call ‘domestic terrorists.’ They hurl risible insults like that and still call themselves tolerant. Cognitive Dissonance is synonymous with Liberal.

I also read a lot of angst about White Supremacists. I don’t know what that really means but in practice it seems to mean any White person who won’t abase himself before coloreds. I’m talking about getting down on your knees too, Liberals.

Being a White Supremacist is like, you know, but I didn’t realize I was one until I realized that being White I was supposed to submit my manhood to any people of color. It was then I realized it was total war.

My hands are up now, whatever anybody did I wasn’t one of them. But now that we’re all convicted willy-nilly with no hope of exonerating ourselves I’ve come to the conclusion that I have to come to the defense of my ‘brothers and sisters.’

If White people weren’t supreme, being in fact the elect, then here’s my question: Who’s on first and why should I kiss their ass? No…your answer is not a good answer.

Take Dr. David Duke. He is an intelligent, clean living, reasonably presentable guy who has real ideals. Ideals we can embrace. Ideals are good, aren’t they, everybody should have them. We’ve got ours. Where’s a man without ideals, right? Gotta have ‘em. Dr. Duke’s problem is that he’s too light skinned to pass for colored, even the ‘colored’ makeup they use on TV won’t do it, so he denied colored ‘ideals,’ he’s got White ideals. Just as good, probably better, but a different color. What’s wrong with that? So do I.

Apparently Bert Stephens of the Wall Street Journal hasn’t looked in the mirror lately. He seems to have colored ideals while he’s looking White. That’s what I mean by Cognitive Disconnect.

What does he think is going to happen when push comes to shove? He’s going to run into a pack of knife wielding Negroes in the darkness before dawn and say: Hey, hey, it’s cool brothas, I’ve got colored ideals.

‘Yeah, you look just like a White Supremacist to us, Peckerwood.’ Slash, slash and Bret joins the despised in the gutter.

Here’s something that people don’t get, when other people don’t share your ideals they become supremacist over you. There’s only room at the top for one and you ain’t it.

So accept the inevitable; White puppy dogs get kicked. Or worse. On your feet White wimps; Supremacism is the only way.


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