Mitt Romney Vs. Donald Trump





R.E. Prindle


…all Americans know that most of the United States lies west of New York. The country has come to view that strip of Eastern coast as a miasmatic place whence rises the fetid drivel of all that is subversive in public thought.   It is the home of anti-America propaganda, of pro-Jewish hysteria, a mad confusion of all that passes in some quarters as a picture of America. But America is west of the “metropolis”, New York is an unassimilated province on the outskirts of the nation.

Henry Ford

The Dearborn Independent 3/5/21

Subsequent to Mitt’s speech condemning Trump as a scoundrel I saw an interview in which Mitt’s decades long relationship with Trump was discussed. Bear in mind they are both businessmen. What might not be seen as scoundrely in some of Mitt’s own dealings by his victims is apparently just business in Mitt’s. But Trump? He’s something different.

Back when Mitt needed money for his failed campaign he knocked on ‘The Donald’s’ door and stood there with his hand out. At that time he thought that ‘The Donald’ was a fine businessman and patriotic American, the essence of the all around good fellow. What happened between then and now?

Now Mitt says Trump is not only dense and irresponsible but downright dangerous. What happened? Poor character analysis on Mitt’s part back then or chagrin that because he threw his election he wants Trump to fail too? You know Mitt is part of that East Coast Establishment and you know they look down on Trump as upstart who didn’t pass through the fire. Maybe it sticks in Mitt’s craw that someone he considers beneath him might succeed where he failed. Don’t know.

Mitt’s angst over Trump seems to be that his announced economic policies would offend our allies and trade ‘partners.’ What allies? This is peacetime. This is no time for WWII terminology. We don’t have allies, we have neighbors. We have no concerted action leading to a common goal. Back in Mitt’s day the Soviet Union was said to be our ‘ally and we gave them free and clear at least fifteen billion dollars in aid plus the plates, paper and ink to print as much money as they wanted. Believe it or not that’s true. Thus the Soviets, that grand old ally of ours, went away and behold the successor State under Putin who never did anything to us is our enemy. Trump thinks he could be our friend thus the interrogators of Fox accused him of being a fool. I don’t think he’s a fool. You must have been part of that Mitt. Your side made it happen. Tell us what your thinking was. Inquiring minds want to know.

Now your side has crowded up the Russian border with missiles, conducting all kinds of color revolutions to separate parts of Russia and provoke the evil Putin. Hey, your side says trespass one foot into Estonia and we’ll unleash WWIII. Hey, Mitt, are you for real?

That sounds like dangerous provocation to me Mitt, buy you say Trump is even more dangerous? Wow!

And Trump’s tariff on goods coming from the most favored nations has upset them? Hell, yes, if I were getting a free ride and somebody wanted to collect the fare I’d be offended too. Hurt, man, hurt. Trump is stupid you say because he doesn’t think running a half trillion dollar trade deficit a year is viable and you do? Is he stupid Mitt or are you?

Aw…enough of this Mitt. Go back home and think this out. No wonder you lost the election.


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