Mitt Romney Drops In From Mars Or Perhaps Deeper Space



Mitt Romney Drops In From Mars Or Perhaps Deeper Space


R.E. Prindle


I read with interest Mitt Romney’s remarks on the election today, 3/03/16. I’m sure Romney is a fine man, loves children and dogs etc. I have nothing personal to hold against him. However, I sat and watched Mitt Romney throw the election when he was a presidential candidate to Barack Obama. I don’t like calling people losers, life is hard and we can’t control the variables, but Romney could in that situation and he deliberately lost to Obama. That does make him a loser.

That said, in today’s political environment Romney and I apparently live in parallel universes.

Let us consider our choice of candidates. I’m no fan of the Ronald Reagan that all these politicians seem to be but it is clear the Reagan is not running for reelection so let’s forget him. One must also remember that Reagan had a past that rivals or surpasses whatever these Insider hypocrites are saying about Trump. Reagan, like Trump, was forced to deal with the Mafia because J. Edgar Hoover would not recognize the existence of organized crime and would do little or nothing about it to all our peril. Nevertheless, Reagan was as much or more involved with the Mafia as Trump. So was Nixon. So were the Kennedys. Are talking to each other yet? All politicians have pasts. Not the point, what are they going to do?

On the Democratic side we have two people who shouldn’t be allowed on the streets. Hillary Clinton is such a poseur and imposter that she shouldn’t be allowed out of the condo. Sanders is a Communist ideologue, an actual Bolshevic, who will install a reign of terror identical to that of the Soviet Union. Am I being too cryptic?

On the Republican side the list was and is appalling with Trump being by far the best choice with the caveat that those behind him, much more dangerous than he, are still concealed.

Of the former number of real and pseudo-candidates now reduced to four the Insider candidate Boy Rubio is a positive joke. Rubio is not qualified for the job. Marco, to be polite, should pack it up and go home. While the Insiders consider him electable the notion is risible. Forget him.

Ted Cruz is another impossibility, not electable. I like who he is as a person and believe he means well but the presidential qualities are lacking.

Kasich also lacks stature as a presidential but I would like to see him in the cabinet.

So, who’s left? Donald Trump. He’s the only other one running Mitt and if you’re considering it, stop. I believe Trump said the Mitt found him viable enough to ask him for money. Maybe Trump didn’t give enough and this is Mitt’s revenge. Personally I wouldn’t have given Mitt a dime. He was a lousy campaigner. As a candidate I saw no understanding or energy there. I don’t see it today.

Now, to compare Trump to Obama. No contest. Obama was a street person who because of his Negro appearance and White upbringing that he owed to the grandmother he maligned seemed to interested parties someone they could push as the first Negro president. In other words he was a Negro from central casting. He was and is totally unqualified for the role yet Mitt threw the election to him. Tell us why Mitt.

Trump on the other hand is a successful real estate developer. He is not a businessman and that is the obvious reason his efforts in that direction did not succeed. Dealing with the public is a different thing than dealing with the Mob, suppliers and government officials. He has successfully managed a very large corporation in which he has had to deal with many diverse people and styles according to the mores of the time. He did nothing out of place. So he had a couple bankruptcies, the Bushes took part in the looting of the Savings and loan system hurting a hell of a lot more people that Trump could ever reach. Both the Parties have developed the Ponzi scheme called the national debt. I’m looking at you Mitt. As George Bush flippantly remarked: We either get a trillion dollars now or this sucker is going down. Do you remember that startling remark Mitt? I do. Trump is right about the Bushes.

Every sentient being in the US knew that the Moslems were targeting the Twin Towers. If one attempt to blow up the Towers didn’t give Bush a clue to be on the alert why was he president? It is pure bullshit to excuse that person. Moslems blew up the World Trade Center and then that idiot brought hundreds of thousands of Moslem immigrants to the US and while by refusing to profile them punished the other 100% of the population with absurd rules. The Bushes can leave the country Mitt.

Mitt, I don’t know from what planet you dropped in from but things are obviously different here than you would like to believe. I’m sure you’re a nice guy Mitt but you should keep your puerile opinions to yourself. I’m beginning to lose respect.

This post is getting longish for this site but let me comment on your idiotic beliefs on Free Trade.

If you think Trump isn’t right to try to correct the glaring imbalance of the US/ China trade relations then, really Mitt, I don’t know how you got where you are.

Trump understands that situation perfectly and has the right answers. Do you think that idiotic so-called debate system you boys designed has allowed him to discuss this economic issue? In sixty seconds? Oh, no, this is reality TV and the contestants have to squabble for our entertainment rather than address the issues. How can you not see how ludicrous this campaign your side designed has been Mitt. The whole world is holding its sides to keep from bursting with laughter. Me? I hang my head in shame. I’m going to be satisfied with call you obtuse, Mitt, but I’m raging inside. You guys are embarrassing.

Let me use one vulgarity, Mitt. Who gives a shit what the Chinese think about anything. Let them adapt to a new reality. Are we not men, Mitt? Or are we doormats? Of course they object to Trump’s objection to letting them continue to exploit us because of your lousy outmoded free trade ideas. You and the people you represent are dinosaurs from a distant past. Back to Jurassic Park with yourselves.

I’ll be back. There’s more.


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