Love’s Not The Question, Love’s Not The Answer



Love’s Not The Question, Love’s Not The Answer


R.E. Prindle


Super Tuesday has come and gone. Immigration remains the big question: Are we going to take in a million or two of Middle Eastern Moslems or not? The motivation of those who want that aren’t clear and are surely inexplicable. Hillary in her speech without referring directly to the invaders put the question for invasion to one of love, being a loving all embracing people. All we need is love she said in so many words. By love she meant our attitude toward immigrants not their attitude towards us. The immigrants hate us and with darn good reason. So no, love is not the question, love is not the answer. We have to be a little more hard headed.

Bret Stephens who writes his Global View column for the Wall Street Journal 3/1/16 has the title of his article: Staring At The Conservative Gutter and says, and I regretfully quote: The candidacy of Donald Trump is the open sewer of American conservatives. The Super Tuesday polls show a plurality of GOP voters stand to dive right in it.

May I respectfully say that Bret is light headed without a clue of what the global situation is. Cognitive disconnect; he is incapable of analyzing the situation and should shut up. Obviously love is not the question to this colleague of the unctuous Hillary Clinton. He is hate filled. Disagree with him and he’ll settle the argument by pulling out his big .45 and shooting you dead. He is so hate filled that he snarls vitriol at the plurality of Republicans voters he considers ignorantly misled. Me included. Bret and I have a major disagreement on that score. I know Stephens’ type and he has highly overrated his virtue. He is the kind that used to spit on the poor kid who had no shoes to wear to school. Love. Hillary you people have no love and it doesn’t take a village to see it.

For eight long years you and your boss, Boy Obama, have snarlingly defamed democracy by designating honest and lawful opposition as ‘domestic terrorists,’ ‘home grown lone wolf terrorists.’ Tell me, Hillary, do you consider that ‘unifying.’

For nearly a decade you and Boy Obama have sown hatred and dissension, need I mention Ferguson, in the US and maximum discord throughout the world, need I mention Syria. And now you clutch your heart and say love is the answer. Psychologists call that cognitive disconnect, Hillary.

Vitriol, I like that word. Where do you think I learned it Hillary? In the early days of your boss’s presidency he used it against people like me to describe the opposition to the horrors of your crimes in Tucson. Count the murders and mass murders that have occurred during your reign of love Hillary. Count the bombings. You think you and Boy Obama are unifiers? Think again.

And then your team releases not only the detestable spy Jonathan Pollard but the criminal Weatherman murderers of the Brinks guards they were robbing. Instead of releasing them you should have put Bomber Billy Ayers in prison with them. Are you twisted or what?

You don’t think Donald Trump is qualified to run a country a country composed of your kind of people? Think again. He’s got some answers.

Boy Obama is Bomber Billy Ayers disciple, why wouldn’t he release the Weatherman criminals? And you’re going to continue his policies? Hopefully not in this lifetime. Dohrn and Ayers are thoroughly detestable people who stole millions and murdered many. Obama is their disciple. By releasing the Weathermen you and Boy Obama have endorsed their crimes. Tell me how many people has David Duke murdered? How many millions has he robbed? His crime is interpreting reality differently from you. You want me to hate him for that? You want me to disavow Trump because he received an unsolicited endorsement from a respectable man?

Your minds are twisted Hillary. Take some good advice and drop out of the race. Love is obviously not the question here; love is equally obviously not the answer.


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