Donald Trump: The Man Of The Future



Donald Trump- The Man Of The Future


R.E. Prindle


As the title of an old movie has it: A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. The hopes, the dreams, the fantasies that characterized the revolutionary period from 1789 to 2001 disappeared when two fireballs burst as a commercial jetliner crashed into each of the Twin Towers leveling them to the ground in a matter of seconds.

What was the significance of this astounding event. If you remember a ship was built at the beginning of the twentieth century that was a marvel of engineering characterizing the amazing development of the nineteenth century. The ship was so cleverly designed that it was billed as unsinkable. That ship was called the Titanic. In 1912 on its maiden voyage it went to the bottom of the sea after grazing an iceberg.

Thus 1912 ended the great century of progress sending it to its grave. The leveling of the Twin Towers had an equal effect; it ended the optimism of the twentieth century putting a period to the methods that made that century so exciting.

White people talked of the New World of Globalism but they had no understanding of what that meant. It meant that the Old World Order was dead even if it lived on in their imaginations. They have failed to adjust. Change requires adaptation and they are adapting badly.

The old Soviet Union had disintegrated a few years before 2001. Instead of hailing its ending as a new era of concord in which the West, the US could now re-embrace a pacific Russia released from the thrall of the Soviets new excuses of enmity were invented solely on the part of US politicians.

World trade conditions had begun changing after Nixon mistakenly recognized Red China. Then in some mistaken spirit of altruism in order to build up China the economies of the US and Europe were sent to China; thus impoverishment of the US working and middle classes began their descent into beggary.

The lowest economic level of society could see this happening before their eyes. It was happening to them. The reactionary politicians couldn’t. Thus they have clung to outmoded economic ideas like Free Trade without understanding what Free Trade really means- it means a monopoly of the lowest cost producer. Thus China was gifted the world’s economy as they were the lowest cost producer. China has flourished, the West and the US have declined.

Apparently unaware that the resources of Europe and the US were limited these old reactionary dinosaurs opened the country to the teeming billions of a world without borders.

The reactionary reign has continued post 2001 to the present. But now the present and future are sweeping by these lumbering monsters from the past.

A new kind of politician with a new revolutionary understanding of the sweep of ‘progress’ walks the land. Donald Trump has arisen like the legendary Hercules to show the way to the future. He has a new accurate understanding of the problems the dinosaurs cannot solve.

A new understanding of immigration, a new understanding of trade, a renovation of all old failed policies are on the horizon. The dinosaurs are thrashing madly about, they know their day is past, they know the future rests with the New World Order that excludes their worn out policies, a new Global organization that must come into existence, that is crying to be born into this new situation.

They hate him, this Donald Trump, and well they might for he means the end of their day and the birth of a bright new day.

Vote for a brighter future. Vote Trump!


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