Trump Is The Man- Courage And Integrity



Trump Is The Man- Courage And Integrity


R.E. Prindle


I have had my doubts about Trump that have prevented me from giving him my whole hearted support. Those doubts have now been removed by two events.

The first is that Trump has shown astonishing integrity and courage on CNN’s State Of The Union when he refused to be cowed into a repudiation of an endorsement from an unpopular figure by the meatheaded Talking Head.

As you may know David Duke has endorsed Trump. Duke is reviled by such terrorist organizations as the ADL and SPLC. Duke came to notoriety during the Sixties, that magic decade, when wearing a Klan outfit he rode the Rio Grande border with a megaphone shouting ‘Wetbacks go back.’   Quite a stunt that was pretty spectacular and fairly amusing and took outsized gonads to do. Got him in Time Magazine though.

A few years later he ran for the Louisiana legislature and won. Democracy in action.

Then he ran, I think, for governor and would have won except for faulty vote counting and the enlistment of all the interred in the graveyards of Louisiana. In a word, he was cheated just as Trump may be. Democracy thwarted.

His career since then is hazy in my mind but somewhere along the way after an actual facelift he acquired a PhD. and showed up in Russia where his talents are apparently recognized. ‘White Supremacist’ or not he’s a pretty decent guy.

You know what a White Supremacist is don’t you? That’s a man who won’t spread out prostrate and say ‘Put it there.’ While that may seem detestable to the more fruity types I do have to admit I refuse to ‘assume the position’ myself. Does that make me a ‘White Supremacist?’.   If so I hope it makes you one too.

Now that that is, I hope, clear Trump said he didn’t know Dr. Duke or anything about him and wasn’t aware of any White Supremacist organization threatening the security of the country but would be happy to receive a list of them from CNN that he would check into. As to Dr. Duke he wouldn’t reject his support until he knew who Dr. Duke was. I found that an amazing display of courage and integrity. He refused to be intimidated as any other candidate would have been. We need that kind of courage and integrity in our government. No wonder the Chinese say they will declare war if he’s elected. He’s got them shaking in their boots too.

Secondly the moneyed pullers of strings, you know who they are, are now so terrified that Trump will succeed that the billionaire class gathered in Las Vegas (where else, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas) to contribute a measly hundred million dollars to destroy Trump’s candidacy while Boy Rubio will get twenty five million to defeat Trump in Florida. If he doesn’t defeat Trump in Florida Boy Rubio will be cut off and thrown on the trash heap of history. So, if we can get together and terminate Boy Rubio in Florida Trump is in like Flynn and twice as happy.

Hang together as one person brothers and sisters. If you live in Florida make every effort to get out the vote. Drive little old ladies and men who will vote right if you have to. Hell, search the cemeteries for viable names. Death to Boy Rubio’s campaign in F-L-A! Vote Trump.


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