Marching Toward Altruria


Marching To Altruria


R.E. Prindle


The Insider rage against the Big D continues not only unabated but augmented. Miss Peggy Noonan in her 2/27/16 WSJ column contrasts the battle as between what she sees as the Protected- that is the Gated Community crowd- and the Unprotected- that is, us. To put things in historical perspective, in other times the two sides have been called the Washed and the Great Unwashed, the people from the good side of the tracks and the people from the other side of the tracks, (Poor side of town.) the respectable and the White trash, trailer trash, what have you.

That’s an intra-White thing in which the hatred of the Uptown Whites for the Downtown Whites is a species of self-loathing; there but for the grace of God go I. Uptowners place the White Downtowners below the Negro and the newly arrived immigrant hence the Uptowner preference for the Negro and the immigrant over what they call White Trash.

The unspoken implication is that Trump represents the Trailer Trash of the country who should never have a voice. Trump thus commits not only a sin but a crime of great magnitude. Fortunately we White Trash know when the Respectable led by the likes of Lindsay Graham are trying to dump a load on us by flooding the country with millions of fresh immigrants who are given benefits and advantages that the Gilded crowd deny to those of we Whites condemned to the lower depths.

It is not that the Privileged don’t get it, they do get it and that is what enrages them against Trump so. The man is definitely furthering the interests of the Unwashed. He’s not only Trailer Trash himself but rich Trailer Trash to boot who is giving ignorant trailer trash a voice. (none of them have any education, dumb fucks from the ground up) He is giving the Washed the good old Bronx cheer. (The Big D is from New York, the Bronx cheer is known to we others as the raspberry.) This goes deeper and is much more serious than it might at first appear.

Solidarity forever, Unwashed. Close ranks, shoulder to shoulder, we will take control and show the Protected what incompetent nerds they are. Nobody knows when you when you’re down and out, on our feet and CHARGE!




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