A Touch Of Madness At The Wall Street Journal



A Touch Of Madness At The Wall Street Journal


R.E. Prindle


Ye Editor at the Wall Street Journal is at it again. He is dangerously out of touch with the psychology and temper of the country. He titles his 2/22/16 editorial America’s Moment Of Trump. He might as well have cynically titled it A Touch Of Trump In The Night, hoping Trump will just go away. Let me tell him: It is Trump or nothing.

Trump is the Republican Party. Boy Rubio is merely the alternative Democratic candidate. The Insiders backing him are either crypto- or pseudo-Democrats. Boy Rubio is unelectable. Should the Insiders sidetrack Trump which they seem intent on doing Trump voters will not vote for Boy Rubio. Therefore the election will go to either Clinton or the Bolshevic. If it goes to the Bolshevic look to a reenactment of the Bolshevic revolution of Russia.

Trump is the only electable ‘Republican.’ You may sure that 30% of Democrats will vote for him. This is not a Party issue. Get behind him.

I don’t believe he will be defeated by throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at Boy Rubio but combined with foul dirty tricks and rigged elections that is a possibility.

In point of fact with the shift of full support to Boy Rubio Cruz is a piece of badly burnt toast. He no longer has a chance. His best bet would be to negotiate the best deal he can with Trump, perhaps the vice-presidency, and withdraw from the race throwing his support and any delegates to Trump.

Insiders have made it apparent how much they despise Trump both personally and politically. The refuse to admit that they have fatally bungled their policies in both the US and Europe. Those policies have been rejected by sentient Americans.

It is their intent to submerge the majority population of the US in a sea of color thus murdering the current majority population.

Whatever ideological or sociological motives they have for this criminal genocide are as contemptible as they are themselves. This goes for Ye Editor and his staff at the WSJ also.

Beware! Remember Nuremberg. You balk the will of the majority of voters at your own risk. You have preached democracy as an ideal, fought bloody expensive wars to impose your ‘democracy’ on people who don’t want it yet you deny that democracy to the very people of America who are trying to practice it.

Beware! Beware! Beware!   Remember the Amalekites.


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