Vote Trump! Vote Sanity!



Vote Trump! Vote Sanity!


R.E. Prindle


An unsigned editor of the Wall Street Journal of 2/10/16 composed a piece labeled the Left-Right President. In it he says:


Which brings us to Trump and the revolt of the right. This is less about ideology and policies than the businessmans’s political style and disgust with Washington.


I presume that the editor means that we knuckle draggers, domestic terrorists and circus clowns don’t have an ideology. We’re just typical wild American boys and girls that really know how to get down tonight. Perhaps the thinks the word isn’t in our limited vocabulary or perhaps even he doesn’t think we have a vocabulary- just grunts and groans.

Although I do think ideology isn’t really involved. Let me offer ye editor a slightly different view of reality as perhaps some few of we knuckle draggers etc. see it.

Has Ye Editor ever read Edgar Allan Poe’s The System Of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether? Le me explain to him how we see it. In the story the inmates have captured the insane asylum imprisoning the keepers.

Thus as the looneys enjoy their dinner entertaining themselves with various insane capers their keepers free themselves advancing on the insanoes with clubs in their hands to reclaim the asylum. See! No ideology involved at all.

That’s how we see the present government compound filled with looney tunes while we keepers were overwhelmed but now having freed ourselves we are coming for you and we are going to overturn your insane policies where everything does the opposite of what you claim it will. Insurance that was claimed to be affordable costs twice as much while making life impossible for both patients and doctors.

You bomb the daylights out of people who have never done you wrong then insist it is our obligation to bring them to the US to make their lives better.

History proves that after hundreds of years, nay, thousands, people of dissimilar cultures haven’t assimilated to each other yet. Need I mention Jews and Moslems?   And, still, you insist that in Magic America it can be done in a twinkling. Do you think that’s sane?

Your programs are sheer insanity and yet anyone who laughs at you is called a domestic terrorist deprived of his livelihood blacklisted from further employment and then arrested as a vagrant.

You’re right, ideology has nothing to do with it; it’s about insanity.

We have to take the asylum back but you have made such a mess of it it will be a while before we can right things if righting them isn’t beyond hope.

Vote Trump! Vote Sanity!


5 comments on “Vote Trump! Vote Sanity!

      • Certainly wouldn’t be the first time. At least you and I can disagree in a civil manner. Would Mr. Trump afford us the same courtesy if we disagreed with him? I have a pretty good imagination, but I simply can’t manage to see him as a “public servant”. I can’t see how he could possibly win the general election either, so I wish him success!

      • Everybody’s got an opinion Mikey. I’m blessed, I’ve got two or three. Would Trump afford us the same courtesy? Probably depends on whether you called him an asshole before or after. The field we’re being offered is not choice. Who is voting for a Bolshevic like Sanders? We don’t need another Clinton. Even if you think Trump is lame the rest of the field is even lamer. Trump keeps trying to inject the economy and China in the discussion, and that one is really important but he keeps getting rebuffed.

        I can see him as a public servant. He’d be the first among equals; who can ask for anything more?

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