Dirty Tricks On Saturday Night 2/13/16



Dirty Tricks On Saturday Night 2/13/16


R.E. Prindle


Only CBS could have done it. This is the TV company that created Archie Bunker the most defamatory story ever conceived. A whole race was smeared. Archie Bunker made Veit Harlan’s Jud Suss look a Disney version Snow White. All In The Family was a vicious title to a vile show.

Saturday night CBS turned the Republican so-called debate into a real life Archie Bunker show.

The foul CBS commentators turned the comedy of Saturday night live into a Battle Royal.   If you don’t know what a battle royal is I’ll explain. The Insiders of a community hold certain people in contempt. Deep hatred. They may be Negroes, they may be Orphans but for the Insiders (for lack of a better term) they are beneath consideration.

The idea is that you lure a dozen or so of your victims into a ring and then get them pummeling each other for the Insider’s vicious amusement. There’s always a favorite who is given leaded gloves to beat on those the Insider’s hold grudges against. These are very mean people.

The Negro writer of the thirties, Richard Wright, in his memoir Native Son gives a good description of one he was forced into and the deep hatred it instilled in him. Nothing can eradicate it. While in the Orphanage I was selected to be in one…I was not a favorite but I knew who was.

So Saturday night’s battle was typical. Trump was the victim and the Waterboy, Rubio, was the favorite. The inquisitors opened up on Trump by giving him a trick question designed to make him look bad. The trick question was very difficult to handle given the minute format and the complexity of the question: What would be the first three things you would do in foreign affairs? (Take your time, Don, you’re in charge.) Trump, while not exactly fumbling the question still did worse than the following candidates including the Waterboy who had time to formulate an answer.

Actually Waterboy, who had the equivalent of the leaded gloves, didn’t have to formulate it on the spot. He appeared to have been given the questions in advance, had the answers given to him and memorized them. Not only was this totally obvious but if you knew the trick of the battle royal, which I did it was like reading a script. I know this movie; I’ve seen it before. Heck, I was one of the stars.

As with those who organize battle royals the audience were all donor class as both Trump and Cruz recognized, there for a good laugh at their expense. Sections of the audience were keyed to boo and applaud at the appropriate places. Thus Waterboy got an especially warm reception at which he showed surprise but quickly realized the scenario. Trump was greeted with virtual silence; he too registered recognition.   The others got a lukewarm reception. You had to be exceptionally thick not to get it.

The inquisitors were condescending to Trump if not contemptible. One could expect this from the Jew Bill Paley’s network that gave us the parodic Archie Bunker. Archie depicted the working class White knuckle draggers as an ignorant bigoted boob if you’re too young to remember the show.

Archie’s of America Vote Trump and reclaim your self-respect. Down with CBS. Let ‘em sink.


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