1. How’s The World Treating You?

1: How’s The World Treating You?


R.E. Prindle

Re: Peggy Noonan: Don’t Take New Hampshire For Granite, Wall Street Journal 2/06/16 p. A11.


Miss Noonan get her digs into Donald Trump while probably advising him to look for a real surprise in New Hampshire. (Granite=Granted, it’s a pun son.) While Miss Noonan would undoubtedly deny writing a hatchet piece, as a reader I merely laugh. She uses a number of clichés: A real champ knows how to lose.

Is a real champ blasé about losing? I don’t think so. Anyone hates to lose and it doesn’t reflect badly on you to show your disgust at losing. In a fair fight you know whether you were overmatched or not. So naturally you give a wave or shake a hand but that doesn’t mean you don’t kick a chair as you move away. I respect that although Miss Noonan appears to be derogatory about it but perhaps losing is losing your career as it goes down the tube.

Miss Noonan quietly rejoices because the results showed Trump coming in second.

Donald trump was dinged by losing Iowa, but not by losing- loss happens. He dinged himself, perhaps significantly, with his subsequent reaction. He was robbed, we need a recount, he may sue.

Mr. Trump’s supporters are derided as working-class knuckle-draggers and if it amuses you to see them that way you can, but his people respect style.

I’m not a working-class knuckle-dragger but the people Miss Noonan respects, the Insiders, have characterized my people as domestic terrorists. Why? Simply because we see things differently than her Insiders. Miss Noonan is right in that we respect style but we disrespect dishonest style. Her crowd wanted to humiliate Trump real bad so The Fix Was In as they say at horse races. Trump is right to be indignant.

Does anybody really believe the incredible ‘surge’ enjoyed by the Little Waterboy. Just as the Insiders wanted Trump humiliated they wanted the Waterboy to at least move up from the bottom end and become a pretender. Oops, I meant contender.

My read: [hers] Marco Rubio may emerge as the choice of those who prefer their candidates not be abnormal by which I mean outsized or unsettling. This is arguably an undeserved market on the GOP side. Mr. Rubio is young. What’s in his noggin but hunger? [She put her finger on it.] It will be interesting to find out.

Is that a loaded paragraph or what? Are we working-class knuckle draggers and domestic terrorists abnormal as Miss Noonan obviously sees Trump? Both she and the Wall Street Journal (Rupert Murdoch) have managed to gratuitously insult we working-class knuckle draggers and domestic terrorists who represent a full 40% or more of the voting public. I don’t know if Trump demands an apology but I sure do and you may consider that a class action. I want a personal apology from Rupert hisself, the WSJ and Miss Peggy. Pronto! Don’t wait!!! I’m copying this to Mr. Trump from whom I expect action.

Call me a whiner Pegger and I’ll call you a foul mouthed slanderer. Take that, Champ. Lose gracefully because you’ve lost.

I love the bland insouciance of her statement: What’s in (Rubio’s) noggin but hunger? It will be interesting to find out.

It could be disastrous Peg, take care, his brain may be empty but by then it will be too late. You will have sold your country further down the river than Obama.


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