Did Trump And Sanders Lose Iowa?



Did Trump And Sanders Lose Iowa?


R.E. Prindle


Iowa is over; the dirty tricks have begun. Did Trump and Sanders lose Iowa? Or was the key who counted the ballots? Let us look at the Democratic race first. Did Sanders lose a contest in which the vote was as tight as it gets? One remembers the Nixon-Kennedy contest in Illinois back in 1960 that was shamelessly fraudulent. As indicator of the same in Iowa is that a very large precinct was kept in reserve so that after the ballots were counted it could throw the election to Clinton when declared. Sort of an ace in the hole.

Here in Oregon where I live (Portland, Multnomah County), we have two ‘heavily Liberal’ precincts that are always declared last even though we have mail-in ballots and the results can be known instantly. These two precincts can turn any election around no matter how many votes are needed. For instance in the first of the homosexuals bills it was losing and lost 60-40 in the State outside Multnomah County. The bill was trailing 52-48 with all the ballots accounted for in Multnomah County save those two very, very Liberal precincts. When they were declared the homosexual bill passed 60-40 in the whole State including Multnomah County. Now, my friends, that is what is called veritably, an ace in the hole.

So, the withheld precinct in Iowa is apparently a universal trick and we may assume that the Insiders were playing it. Therefore I conclude that Sanders probably beat Clinton.

Now let us go the Republican side. Trump was leading in every single poll usually by double digits. That toad Rubio was way down the polls, still he is the Insider water boy; they want him at any price. As Stalin said it’s counting the votes that wins not casting the ballots. So let us say the precinct trick might not work for a second time in this election allowing Cruz to beat Trump, even if it was used that would still leave Rubio far back in the pack with no delegates awarded. For future elections he had to shine better than that. He must have delegates.

Now, early balloting will give a pretty fair indication of final results. Let us say then, that as polls indicated, Trump was leading Cruz by three or four percent. Before the first results were posted then 5-6 percent of Trumps votes were transferred to Rubio bringing him within an ace of beating Trump while giving Cruz a 3.5 percent lead that was maintained.

Along with some other commenters I find Rubio’s 23 percent of the vote not only incredible but impossible. The only thing we can be certain of is that Rubio can really carry that bucket.

The Insiders are so bitter toward Trump that in listing candidate results at least one showed Cruz first, Rubio second and Trump third. We can be reasonably certain, for myself certain, that the votes were jimmied to take the election from Trump. We can expect more in the future.

The trick now may be to keep Trump from getting the delegates necessary so that the election can be brokered at the convention. Thus it can be assured the Waterboy is the candidate. That will also mean that the election is a null and the Democrats will do a cakewalk to January. Obsession is not a political virtue as the Insiders will learn.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party. Now is to time to create an uproar. Remember these guys are all lawyers; they know all the dirty tricks, how and when to use them. They know how to conceal their crimes. Just so, we know how to expose them. Shine a light, shine a light. Show them no mercy.


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