Vote Prosperity Vote Trump


Vote Prosperity, Vote Trump


R.E. Prindle


It is very difficult to get anything substantive from these endless so-called Republican debates. As the world is in flames around them the inquisitors would rather concentrate on non-issues such as Cruz’s foreign birth. Obama was born in Kenya in identical conditions as Cruz in Canada so the issue is apparently settled that regardless of the Constitution it isn’t necessary to be a natural born citizen. Heck, I’d even vote for Putin making him the first President to also be a president of another country. Why stop there?

The inquisitor’s goaded Trump and Cruz to squabble over this like they thought it was entertainment. We sat entranced.

Yet, when Trump brought up trade issues with China the inquisitors glossed right over it with no questions for explanations or discussion by the other contestants- oops, I meant candidates for the highest office in the land. For a minute I thought I was watching American Idol.

When Trump brought up the issue of tariffs the inquisitors were thunderstruck; apparently the term was new to them. This remark in turn led to the issue of Free Trade that most of the contest…uh, candidates had never studied as Trump apparently has. Although Freed Trade seemed to be an article of faith with them. I say faith because Free Trade is a social construct. I doubt that it has ever existed. It certainly doesn’t today. Instead trade goes to the lowest cost producer. In a global economy whoever works for less gets the orders. This tends to favor places like China, Malaysia, Basutoland, place like that.

The money is drained from higher cost producers and ends up in the pockets of China et al. Bush and the others call this Free Trade.

Then Trump mentioned the word tariff. He thought the implementation of a tariff would level the playing field. The fact that it always has before didn’t seem to sway the others. In fact while immigrants like to take credit it was actually the tariff that built America. One could save us now. What do we care about what the Chinese like? Think of those Americans who lost their jobs because it was cheaper to import stuff then make it.

Candidate Bush thought having no money to buy anything cheaper or not made life better for Americans. He called the tariff a tax on those who could least afford it. That was a laugh; you can’t tax an empty pocket.

Put Americans back to work and they would cheerily pay a little more. Maybe not cheerily; I exaggerate.

So, who you going to vote for: a dolt like Jeb Bush who fears a tax on empty pockets or Donald Trump who wants to put money back in them? I’ll give you time to think about it.


Vote prosperity; vote Trump.


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