Reince Priebus, The RNC And The White Man’s Burden

Reince Priebus, The RNC

And The White Man’s Burden


R.E. Prindle


Look down memory lane to your childhood sitting at the dinner table. Your elder whether, aunt, mother or grandmother tells you to clasp your hands and pray for the poor Chinee who because he isn’t white will never live the good life like you do or who will ever in his life have enough to eat.

Since I lived in a common place twelve hundred square foot house it was impossible for me to imagine the Chinese living any differently so even though a billion of them managed to keep body and soul together I reluctantly bowed my head and sat silently as though in prayer.  It was the White Man’s Burden to care for those who supposedly couldn’t care for themselves.

If you want to know the power of prayer look at the Chinese now. Boy, were those prayers ever answered. The point is that we were being taught that we were incomparably better than the Chinese else why would we be so much better off.

Now, the situation is reversed. We need Chinese prayers. Everything we buy comes from China so the message would seem to be that since the Chinese rule our lives they must be better than we are. They don’t need our prayers any longer.

Reince Priebus and his cohorts at the RNC don’t seem to have gotten the message Even though Outsider leader Donald Trump pointed out on 1/14 we are running a trade deficit of half a trillion dollars a year it doesn’t seem to alarm the stupid Insiders. The Chinese have to loan us money so we can go on buying from them. Sooner or later even they will learn that that is a losing game.

Still the Insiders can’t grasp that instead of talking globalism we need to understand and practice it. In a global economy all parties have to play by the same rules. Donald Trump who must be a supreme realist gets this and tried to tell them, the inquisitors at the so-called debate, that we need the same set of rules or we need to take defensive measures such as a tariff. Numbskull Jeb Bush leaped in to say a tariff would raise prices and therefore be a tax on poor suffering Americans who do now need our own and Chinese prayers.

Apparently Numbskull doesn’t realize that equalizing costs would make it possible to begin rebuilding our own manufacturing thus putting Americans back to work so they could afford to buy things at any price.

Trump understands this. Trump is willing to lay down the White Man’s Burden and treat the Chinese as, if not equal, at least very competent businessmen. As he says, the Chinese are laughing out loud at the Insider bumblers. The Bumblers wish to go on carrying the White Man’s Burden and be the water boy for China.

Hey, little water boy, if you can’t do the job then set that buck, buck, bucket down. Let a man take over and set things right.

Vote Outsider!

Vote Trump!


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