America Strikes Back



America Strikes Back


R.E. Prindle


The offensiveness of the Insider Party- that is, in the US, both the Democrat and Republican leadership if not Parties- has become intolerable. Their disdain for the electorate has passed into the hostile. While they may believe that their policies are above debate, we don’t. In fact we reject them outright.

Recently the only sane voice in American politics, Donald Trump, quite rightly called for a cease in Moslem immigration. This is necessary. His call was denounced by the elite Insider Party as beyond belief.

No demand could be more reasonable. While the previous three administrations have taken a high hand in Middle Eastern affairs their actions were not seconded by the American people. Nevertheless the Moslems were and are guilty of extreme provocation. They need to turn their damper down. People who behead victims in public are not yet ready for civilization; certainly not for admission to the US.

Trump’s call for cessation of Moslem immigration was greeted by the American people, that is 80% of the population with a sigh of relief. Trump’s further call for a forced exit of Moslems from the country was also justified. Saving that, every Imam or religious leader within our reach should be placed in the concentration camps we read about for an intensive sensitivity course. You know how many White boys have had those. It might take years for the Imams to get it, if you know what I mean.

Many mosques should be razed and civil disabilities should be placed on Moslems not unlike the civil disabilities placed on White men in this country commonly called ‘hate’ laws. Moslems gunning down celebrants at a Christmas party apparently don’t qualify as hate while throwing a pig’s head at a mosque does.

Further people pushing the Moslem agenda- Obama, Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, et al. should be tried for crimes against humanity of the magnitude of the Nazi war criminals.

Every one of the murders and casualties at San Bernardino should be charged to Obama who elicited and abetted them no less than Charles Manson in the Tate-La Bianca murders, now serving a life sentence in prison.

Manson murdered no one himself, like Obama, but was convicted for enabling those who did also like Obama. Obama is guilty on the same basis including the Marathon bombing with all its victims. He not only encouraged the crimes but then threatened to severely punish anyone who retaliated against the Moslems. ‘We are not that kind of people.’ Barry hypocritically intoned.

Oh yes we are, Barry. Oh yes we are. Yes, we can.

Obama and his fellow elitists should be arrested now, tried and executed. We are not the kind of people who tolerate serial killers in office or out.


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