Donald Trump Asks: Will There Always Be An England?



Trump Asks: Will There Always Be An England?


R.E. Prindle


Donald Trump must have the Insider leaders quaking with fear. In the beginning their scorn for this independent rationally minded candidate couldn’t even condescend to sneer at him; two or three months later wile exhibiting the utmost disgust that the majority of Americans would take his candidacy seriously even though hundreds of polls expressed the disgust of the vast majority of Americans for their policies the Insiders showed their first signs of palsied fear. They still however could not comprehend that the root cause was the rejection of their policies.

The Insiders renewed their efforts to discredit and marginalize Trump, unremitting defamation, false polls, the whole works. But Trump’s grasp of the public will was surer than theirs. As doctrinaires they could not possibly grasp the significance of their rejection.

Now, in an unprecedented move their British Insider confederates are attempting to have Trump banned from setting foot in England. You’ve got to be kidding me. Don’t the Brit Insiders know that all the world considers them perverts for allowing Moslems to use English daughters as sexual playthings and then make them shake their money makers to coin gold to help Moslem finance murderous campaigns against White British citizens?

Do the Insider Brits not know that they are a laughing stock of the world? English leaders didn’t have the sense to recognize the nature of their political realities and know enough to say out of WWI. They should have let the Continentals sort out their own hash. But with their back up the tree they called we Americans who had less interest than they in continental problems to pull their chestnuts out of the fire.

Having not learned their lesson the first time they compounded their stupidity a second time twenty years later. Not content with losing the cream of English manhood in WWI they finished off the best of the rest in WWII. Fortunately for them Uncle Moneybags financed them fully twice.

Now with their manhood shot the Elite Insiders are turning over their women to service their enemies to destroy all hope of recovery. England no longer exists. These creeps are denying Donald Trump entry to England? Silly little boys, when he’s elected perhaps he will end the endless follies of British politicians by taking the money and keeping it in the US.

Maybe in addition to boycotting Macy’s Donald should ask Americans to forego touring Englanistan. Then we would see how the money goes.

England as England has ceased to exist. And with their womanhood corrupted beyond repair it is now Moslem territory. And the Insiders are wishing their infamy on us? Let them go their way. Vote Trump!


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