Trump’s Macy’s Boycott



Trump’s Macy’s Boycott


R.E. Prindle


Donald Trump never ceases to amaze. At first blush upon reading Trump’s call for a boycott of Macy’s I laughed; then as the thought penetrated my skull I thought: Eureka! Exactly.

When Macy’s chose to enter the political fray last July when they threw Trump’s clothing line out of their chain because of Trump’s bold and accurate assessment of what the nature of a large portion of the Mexican Invasion was, Macy’s little thought that there would be consequences.

Let us hope there will be; let us hope Americans of all political persuasions will respect Trump’s call to teach, in this case, Macy’s to stay out of politics and stick to selling their wares.

Trump has the bully pulpit to teach Macy’s that lesson. If Macy’s comps drop by only 10% this December they will certainly rue their impertinence for years to come. If sales drop 20% they will be in a tailspin that will be very difficult to pull out of. A bigger drop than that and they are out of business. A hard lesson. There’ll be some gala sales after Christmas at Macy’s, you can bet on that. There will be more than just a few winter coats on sale.

The hurt only begins there. Their shares will drop to a near zero. Don’t shop Macy’s but short their stock and make money from their discomfiture. You know Trump will.

If Macy’s hurt brings a loud yelp, the corporations of the US may learn to keep their political opinions to themselves and concentrate on selling their merchandise.

Support Trump’s Macy’s Boycott

Shop Elsewhere This Christmas


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