Race War Plots



Race War Plots


R.E. Prindle


In the news today from Larry O’ Dell of the Associated Press an article alleging a race war plot by three ‘White Supremacists. As we all know the AP has a style manual that commands reporters to follow guidelines as to how to report ‘minority’ crimes and how they are to be referred to. We also know that the media are very selective as to what stories are news. Minority crimes are swept under the rug unless they fit the AP’s political agenda. Nothing derogatory about colored races or non-Cristian religions. When minorities commits atrocities they become domestic terrorists, true Americans running wild.

However the same manual apparently tells reporters how to negatively depict Whites. Whites are so inherently evil discriminatory hate laws had to be passed to control their supposed ungovernable rages. Negro attacks in their race war against Whites have so dominated not so much the news but the internet for the last several months that the AP apparently thought it was time to report a horrendous White crime. Bear in mind that George Soros the Jewish billionaire and trouble maker has been trying to stir up a race war for years. Both the Jews and Negroes have been calling for the extermination of Whites for decades with no consequences for them. Soros was personally responsible for the race war battle of Ferguson. He has been active since dispensing large sums of money to keep things going.

In his case he has been declared person non gratis in Russia. The groups he backs have been outlawed. Putin says he they don’t represent Russian values. Soros race war efforts apparently do represent the American values Obama so loudly proclaims, that’s the kind of people we are he says. Soros should be persona non gratis everywhere on earth, a man without a country except perhaps Israel where his values are fully appreciated. Why isn’t he unwelcome anywhere?

Both Jews and Negroes have committed real race crimes but in its search for White crimes the best the Associated Press can come up with is these White guys allegedly ‘planning’ to ignite a race war. The whole things sounds like the usual Liberal script, just another piece of fiction. These guys have committed no crime but are allegedly thinking about it. Depicted as career criminals at what looks like seventeen or so, mere children, the trio display little criminal intelligence. Over their alleged career of crime they have learned nothing. Look at the pictures; it looks like the AP painted the mustaches on these teenagers in an attempt to make them look older.

So what is the penalty for ‘fantasizing’ shooting up or bombing synagogues and black churches. For Christ’s sake Hollywood fantasizes blowing up the White House and reaches millions and no one accuses them of any crime. When the White House finally goes up will they be held responsible. Let’s see, that movie was made by Jews. No, nothing there. Bombing synagogues and Negro churches? There’s a first. This begins to sound like a Jewish and Negro fantasy about evil Fascist, Nazi White Supremacists.

Just today we learn that a Negro female college student was fabricating death threats to Negro people in general while seeking celebrity status. How seriously can we take any charges against White Men. Review the record, all have been disproved. No charges are anticipated against the Negro woman who certainly was trying to continue the race war against Whites with here nutty accusations. No charges will be made against her. No story there.



The men-all of whom have extensive criminal backgrounds, according to the FBI and court records- are being held in jail without bail.’


Not the Negro college woman though. Without bail! No crime has been committed, no synagogues or Negro churches bombed, not caught in the attempt, and their non-crime is priced beyond redemption. Hey, we’re all domestic terrorists now. Oh yeah, and the arch spy Jonathon Pollard who did steal thousands of classified documents has been released.

There is no law in the United States.


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