The Current Crop Of European And American War Criminals


The Current Crop Of European And American

War Criminals


R.E. Prindle


Following on the heels of the Parisian Massacre by the Moslems a second attack has been struck in San Bernardino in the US claiming fourteen or more lives and thirty-some victims. The authorities have no notion of the motive. We do.

The motive is clear to all but instead of acknowledging the attack as an act of war the Criminal in the White House rushes to call for a ban on firearms. Guns are not the problem dear Barry, the problem is ideology. Remove the ideology and the shootings, the bombings, the rapes, the murders will cease. These attacks will not end until you accept that you are mistaken in your idiotic encouragement of these paramilitaries by importing them in their millions. You must be insane.

You and your fellows in England, France and Germany are the true war criminals who should be removed from office and tried like the other war criminals at Nuremberg.

Your evil cohort in Germany, Angela Merkel, is knowingly encouraging the enemies of the German people while disarming the Germans making them defenceless. Merkel is personally responsible for the rapes of these thousands of innocent women. She should be given hundreds of life sentences to be served successively.

Hollande in France as well as the English idiot are no different. They should be removed and tried. Sarkozy with his moronic plan of forcing White women to sleep with Africans should be castrated, put on display and then shot. Hitler was saintly compared to these criminals.

As for Obama his crimes are mounting daily. He should be held responsible for each death in San Bernardino. The problem was ideology not guns. Remove the fellow now. Escort him to the door. He has already said that as long as he is in office he will bring in as many of these Moslem paramilitaries as he can. Stop him now. This is an emergency.

His supporters are no less guilty. Why Congress is even discussing vetting or not vetting the paramilitaries is ridiculous. Can their mouths form the words No Way? No discussion, just NO WAY. They too are guilty of the Berdoo shooting and the many that will follow as the season develops as no effort is being made to discourage the Moslems.   They are all guilty, don’t kid yourself.

Instead three White boys who have committed no crime but are alleged to be only ‘plotting’ retaliation are on their way to prison and long sentences for committing no crime. Think of that! They have committed no crime. These men who have done nothing should be defended strenuously by any means necessary.

If we take no action in either case we have only ourselves to blame.


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