Why Dr. Strange Thinks Donald Trump Is Weird



Why Dr. Strange Thinks Donald Trump Is Insane


R.E. Prindle



When Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post I had high hopes for the paper believing that he would revolutionize the newspaper. I was sadly mistaken; instead he has made it or allowed it to become more neo-con than ever. Disgustingly so.

In an article that it is hard to believe any respectable newspaper would publish titled ‘Why Donald Trump might not be lying about people cheering on 9/11’ the paper has become both delusional and dishonest.

Donald Trump does not say he saw ‘people’, that is a crowd of diverse origins, cheering. He said he saw Moslems cheering, which is correct. In the article the Jew Max Ehrenfreund, Bezos and his writer Ehrenfreund choose to defame Trump.

Ehrenfreund writes: …Trump’s assertion may not be a bold faced lie. [A native American would say bare faced.] Psychologists suggest that people unconsciously fabricate memories all the time, and that Trump may have done the same.

“I can’t say he’s not lying, said Deryn Strange, a psychologist at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. [Then was there any need to imply Trump was lying?] But my research and the research of my colleagues certainly supports a more charitable interpretation: that is that this is a false memory.”

Perhaps Dr. Strange and his colleagues, stranger still, should have researched 9/11 more thoroughly before delivering an opinion based on nothing. I will accuse Max Ehrenfreunde of lying when he says the Moslems weren’t elated by the fall of the Twin Towers that they themselves destroyed.

In Portland, Oregon where I lived through that awful ordeal the Moslems were thoroughly elated, giving each other high fives, babbling and if not dancing down the Esplanade, where I viewed their spectacle, bouncing and waltzing along. I had words with them. Of course according to Dr. Strange I may be hallucinating as we do all the time according to him but I think Dr. Strange should have his license to practice revoked and be fired from his job.

I don’t know where or how Trump saw what he says he saw but I’m sure he saw it. Bezos, Ehrenfreunde and Dr. Strange, their spokesman are dishonest. Their intent is merely to belittle and defame a presidential candidate who differs from their deluded beliefs by intimating essentially that he is insane.

Shame on Jeff Bezos; shame on Dr. Strange; and shame on Max Ehrenfreunde. Of course one expects nothing better coming from the synagogue.


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