Part III: Is Paris Burning?



Is Paris Burning?

Part III


R.E. Prindle


Anent the Moslem act of war in Paris in which perhaps as many as a thousand people were killed, maimed and injured not to mention the collateral damage to the thousands of related lives our Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has pointed out a significant fact. European citizens are unarmed and defenseless. They are intentionally being kept so by the criminally inept and incompetent Insiders in office. Apparently these morons and incapable of understanding the trap they have put Europe in.

Upon a signal no different than the one in ancient Roman Alexandria and Cyprus in the second century when the Jews descended upon the unsuspecting people and murdered a half million the Moslems armed with assault rifles, grenades and who knows what weapons will be able to murder defenseless millions of Europeans. This is what is known as a blood bath that will far exceed any so-called criminal WWII holocaust. You had better take this seriously, untold misery is awaiting Europe. Every European should be issued an assault rifle and ammunition at government expense. They should be allowed to use it rather than seeing the African and Moslem barbarians rape European women and assault the men. If the Insiders consider allowing them to do so unopposed is the rule of law then they should be arrested as accomplices.

Moslem rapists and murderers should be summarily executed by European paramilitaries. This is war; no crimes are involved. Trump is absolutely correct; his critics are fools.

As for the criminal Insiders they should remember the fate of Mussolini while no measures have been taken against the Moslem troops. Hollande closed the borders, indeed! Who does this nitwit think he’s fooling?

Instead he asks the French people to suffer their casualties in silence. Whose side is this nitwit on? Instead of acknowledging those paramilitaries are soldiers engaged in asymmetrical warfare carrying the Middle East atrocities back to Europe he points out that one of the soldiers was a petty criminal. In other words, this is just a crime rather than an act of war. Get with it Insider idiots; they are not petty criminals they are soldiers foraging for supplies. This is war Insider idiots and you are failed generals. You are to be replaced and treated as criminal incompetents and hanged just as at Nuremburg.

As Donald Trump seems to understand the situation well, it is important that we of the Outsider Parties see that he is elected. He is our last best chance before street warfare becomes more imperative in both Europe and North America than it is now.

Gird your loins, my friends.


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