Part II: Is Paris Burning?



Part II: Is Paris Burning?


R.E. Prindle


On Friday the thirteenth, that symbolic unlucky day, the Moslem paramilitaries unleashed a major assault on Paris killing, maiming and wounding perhaps close to a thousand unsuspecting Parisians. The French security forces say they hadn’t a clue that a major enemy operation was planned.

The incredible response that no counter-attack by French citizens was to be permitted is cowardly. This is an act of war not a criminal act. No response is to be permitted…that means that any French citizens who do so will be arrested as criminals, sentenced and incarcerated.   The French Insider elite running France commanded the emasculation of French Outsider citizens in favor of the Moslem enemy forces. No response? Shame, shame on Hollande and his cowardly government.

The Insider moral reprobates still refuse to admit that a monumental religious war is being waged by the Moslems in which they aid and abet the enemy by their pusillanimous ideology.

We of the Outsider Parties of the US, Great Britain and Europe unanimously require the Insider Elites of the Aryan World including Obama, Hollande, Cameron and Merkel confess their incompetence and relinquish the reins of power to we Outsiders to conduct this war. If they fail to do so they will find the Moslems a minor irritant to their continuance.

The Insider Elite have committed grievous crimes against humanity equaling those of Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot by allowing millions of the enemy to occupy key positions in all the Western States including the US and Canada. Thus the enemy is in our very midst while we are unarmed, forbidden to act, where now death and carnage can be the only result. This current Moslem assault is not the end of the war but only the beginning. It is not a crime but an act of war.

The Elite morons are confounded by this act of war unable to comprehend it although tens of millions of more able and realistic minds have consistently pointed out the consequences of their action for decades.

The Elites response was to condemn us as bigots and ‘domestic terrorists’. Down with them! Upon abdication they will be treated as war criminals on the same basis as the Nazis at Nuremburg.

The have betrayed us and their responsibilities.

Step down now while ye yet may.


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