The Insider Minority Vs. The Outsider Majority

The Insider Minority Vs. The Outsider Majority


R.E. Prindle

This election cycle has brought matters into high relief. The Insiders have outed themselves exposing their actual goals. In polls the Outsiders represent an 80% majority on issues dear to the hearts of Insiders such as immigration, homosexuality, etc. Yet the Insiders are clever with a battery of psychologists searching for Outsider weaknesses in order to exploit us and even the odds. It is like a rodeo rider driving the bull to lasso him and down him.

Over confident, the Insiders were shocked to find we Outsiders flocked to the putative Outsider, Donald Trump. At least, they consider him an Outsider. Amazed that a majority sided with their nemesis no matter what he said that they consider outrageous but that reflect the views of the majority they have stood aghast and sputtering. In the words of the philosophers they believe their own bullshit and demand others do too.

Four debates into the primary they are bewildered but recognize their error. Unable in these first ‘debates’ to destroy Trump they are now working to marginalize him into nothingness.

In the First Debate they tried to smash him with what they considered devastating questions apparently unaware of how Outsiders evaluate the same questions. This backfired and they recoiled in disgust. Their Water Boys Rubio and Bush fell to the bottom of the decad in this absurd formatted ritual. In the Third Debate the inquisitors roared out snarling in an effort to humiliate not only Trump but all the Outsiders while favoring the Waterboys. They ignored the insistent boos from the audience. Thus this ploy backfired on them once again.

As Trump had stayed ahead of them to the point of the Fourth Debate, at this point they decided to ignore him rather than spotlight him. Grooming Rubio over Bush whose case is hopeless, they threw Marco what one commentator called the softest of soft balls. Rubio responded with his old canards of the American Dream, whatever that is, telling of how he was a poor immigrant child of ragged but honest parents who lived either in a log cabin or a tar paper shack and who worked their fingers to the bone to give their deserving discriminated against immigrant child a leg up.

Already somewhat bored by the Fox Financial and WSJ inquisitors I yawned through Rubio and cheered somewhat when the audience roundly booed the yoyo from Fox Financial. Obviously the inquisitors were sent out from Insider central casting.

Even though ignored Trump played a cagey game somehow making himself the central figure through silence pulling off a coup while getting even higher poll figures this outing.

The Fifth Debate is scheduled for December 15th before the Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina pollings. The Insiders had been rigging the polling to favor Trump’s only rival Ben Carson, publishing ‘polls’ in which he had surged ahead of Trump. But then something, I know not what, happened that caused the Insiders to take the axe to Ben. I had leery of the very likable but politically naïve Ben, the master of removing half a brain, but no talent in filling the skull with brains, and for me he destroyed himself in the Fourth. While perhaps a brilliant surgeon that obviously does not qualify him to be president. He would be out of his depth.

As a leading Outsider second only to Trump he is now out of it. He can pick up his hat and go home.

Trump then has to outmaneuver the Insiders keeping himself center stage avoiding the margins.

I don’t necessarily trust Donald Trump but as he picks up his bat and heads to the plate he’s the only Casey we’ve got. Don’t let any of those fast balls get by you Donald. Point your bat to centerfield and do your job. Get a Brain Trust, you need it.


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