Is Paris Burning?

Is Paris Burning?


R.E. Prindle

An interesting thought exercise  is to compare Paris under the Nazi occupation with that of the Moslem infestation of today and then marvel at what people are putting up with in the difference of perception.

Under the Nazi occupation there was complete order and safety.  There were no riots.  What’s happening today makes even the ’68 insurrection look like a fly on an elephant’s behind.  While the MSM is mum on the horrors the Moslems are causing in Paris and France the real situation can seen on sites like Global Truth.  There’s a war going on folks.  The destruction caused in the last decade or so is nothing compared to what is coming.  The heavy artillery is moving into Moslem areas, AK 47s, anti- tank weapons, you name it; rockets to bring down planes, fighters or commercial, what difference?

As in the United States where Negroes have occupied cities, Moslems have occupied French cities.  The French army, presumably manned by real Frenchmen, no Jews, Moslems or Africans, are preparing for street to street fighting.  Those anti-tank weapons the Moslems have are going to come in handy.  Damascus comes to Paris and Lebanon to France.  We all knew but…

Well, the French asked for it, at least the Liberals asked for it, demanded it, the rest will have to endure it.  Once the shooting begins the borders will be blown wide open.  Moslem reinforcements in the millions will flow in.  Moslem reinforcements have already taken positions in Germany.  The invasion of France this time won’t be Nazis but Moslems.  Believe me the French would rather have the Nazis.  Combatants will flow in from Germany to the East, probably Italy from the South and maybe Spain.  Maritime invasion across the Mediterranean into the maritime provinces will keep the army hopping, especially as insurrections will probably be nationwide rather than local and with no defined front.

Let me give you guys a tip:  sink the boats at sea, let ’em drown.  It’s you or them.

Unlike Americans who all have weapons real French citizens are unarmed so that a slaughter of French citizens like the slaughter of Alexandrians and Cyprians during the Jewish War of ancient Rome will probably make the European Holocaust look like child’s play much less when compared to the trivial Jewish holocaust.

The hammer is about to fall, there will be no mercy, it is kill or be killed.  Spare no man, woman or child.  If the Moslem insurrection succeeds in France then all Europe will be under siege.  Germans especially ought to arm all its German nationals now in preparation for their Moslem uprising.  It is kill or be killed.  Man up, laddies and lassies; forget that Jewish holocaust guilt, it was never necessary anyway, and do what you have to do.  Make old Wolf proud of you.

When the shooting starts let us pray that a stray bullet finds those Liberals who betrayed you.  Tell me, is Paris burning?


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