The Homosexual Revolutionary Attempt

The Homosexual Revolutionary Attempt


R.E. Prindle

As the homosexuals will not let Kim Davis be but are intent on making an example of her and punishing her for obeying the law, Kentucky’s law,  while ignoring the opinion of a few Justices who have no understanding  of homosexuals or what the homosexuals are attempting and if they do the Justices are evil indeed.

What the homosexuals are attempting has little to do with issues like homosexual weddings and  cakes; what the homosexuals are doing is no less than a revolution in which they will replace heterosexuals as arbiters of mores.  The contest has nothing to do with any notion of equality but is one of homosexual supremacy.  When the dust has cleared if the homosexuals are successful they will control the direction of society and heterosexuality will be against the law just as homosexuality was formerly.  There is no halfway point.

Heads up!  Homosexuals have already made heterosexuals second class citizens.  The so-called hate laws have given them preference over heterosexuals. Our Faggot-in-Chief, Barack Obama, has made homosexuality the overriding qualification for appointments since he has made an ‘open’ homosexual the head of the US Army.  Isn’t it time for Barry to come out of the closet?

This is no small thing.  the army is being slowly homosexualized.  Fags will always favor fags; once in heterosexuals are out.  Fags will always pressure straight men in the attempt to turn them; this always includes force, that is, rape.  You are foolish, foolish people if you don’t understand this.

I served on a Navy Ship from 1957-59 that was under homosexual control and many were the ruses and attempts to turn we straights.  These people crippled straight sailors for life putting them through excruciating and long lasting pain.  They were quite ready to murder in their psychotic delusions.

The Kim Davis battle is crucial.  We should not be sitting on our hands but at the very least leading our voices to her aid while resisting the takeover of our mores and government by these psychotic criminals.

Beware!  These are trying time indeed.


One comment on “The Homosexual Revolutionary Attempt

  1. There’s a more important issue than the homosexual agenda (whatever that is), called “scope of practice”. An ensign can’t countermand the order of a captain unless that order is provably illegal or the superior officer is provably unfit. And a County Clerk with a high school diploma can’t defy a court order from a judge with a law degree, not even by citing “God’s authority”. She can submit, or quit, and that’s it.

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