The Liberal End Is Nigh



The Liberal End Is Nigh


R.E. Prindle

Surely the East Coast Establishment has gone off its rocker.  Having saddled us with a president who over six years plus has wrecked the country placing us all in a precarious position they go further.  They said I wouldn’t vote for Obama because he was a Negro and they were right.  I wouldn’t vote for him because he was a Negro and events have proven that was a good reason.  Obama has trashed the country just as the pundits said he would.  When you’re right, you’re right.

Having muffed it six and half years ago for the wrong reason, i.e. Obama was a Negro and they weren’t racists, the MSM now ridicules itself even further, debases itself, by trying to discredit the Republican candidates by asking them the ‘loaded’ question, would you endorse a Moslem candidate?  Is that a stupid question or what?

Do these people realize the contempt the citizens of the US have for them?  Do they not know that the entire country rejects the very idea of Moslemism.  Do they not know the Moslem historical record and not believe Moslems wouldn’t act true to type even as they are now doing in England and Europe?

What asylum are these peoples loose from?  Charenton?  Gosh, the Marquis will get lonesome.

Did Kasich say he wouldn’t mind?  Kasich is now road kill; he can retire from the race.

Did Ben Carson correctly say he wouldn’t endorse a Moslem?  He’s an intelligent and savvy man.  Did Trump say under no circumstances?  Then his reputation is undamaged and enhanced.  Any candidate that endorses the idea is no longer in the running.

Does Hillary Clinton endorse bringing another, that is, another, hundred thousand Moslems to the country, this time from Syria?  Didn’t she learn anything from the Somalians?  Well, Hillary can take up knitting by a quiet fire because she is not going to be president.

Perhaps the Establishment doesn’t hear the US population saying no more?  They should listen because this small number, this minority of people will no longer be listened to.  How this self-righteous, misguided minority has been able to impose its will on the vast majority is known and will no longer be tolerated.

My advice:  Don’t linger under any lampposts.


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