Kim Davis, Cakes and Licenses

Kim Davis, Cakes And Licenses


R.E. Prindle

Kim Davis is in the news again.  The homosexuals refuse to desist from plaguing her.  The issue here is not marriage licenses; the issue is psychotic homosexuals forcing heterosexuals to do their bidding.  This is a form of slavery and is against the Constitution, law and morality.  As their psychosis is compulsive they want to force compulsion on others.

As with the filthy cake decorations they want to compel bakers to make there are other available venues open to them.  They can get cakes and licenses without any difficulty.  They are free to do so.  Faggot cakes with the most offensive decorations have been baked for decades by bakers specializing in pornography.  This is America; if there is a demand the need will be filled.  Homos have been able to buy and can buy today these cakes without any difficulty.  They know this but their psychosis is such that they wish to force others to act against their will as their psychosis forces them to do.

So with marriage licenses.  There is no problem finding an office that will issue them.  However they don’t want licenses unless they are creating a fuss and getting attention.  They are sick people.  Psychologists so classed them but several years ago at a psychological convention homosexuals threatened the psychologists with bodily harm unless the psychologists retracted their judgment.  The psychologists caved and legal authorities gave in to the homosexuals.

The courts ignoring all the evidence and law support the homosexual side.  As in Kim Davis’ case they punish heterosexuals when there is no need to.  All they are doing is gratifying the homosexual ego.  Why would they?  Because they are either homosexuals themselves and therefore have a conflict of interest or they are being threatened with harm if they don’t.  Nobody could be as stupid as these judges or consenting to violate the law as they do.

As I say homos can get cakes and licenses without any difficulty.  Shouldn’t the judges of these courts be examining their claims more objectively?  Why aren’t they?


5 comments on “Kim Davis, Cakes and Licenses

  1. Private enterprise and government service are two different things, with different sets of responsibilities, and different legal responsibilities. Anyone can make and sell stuff, whether good at it or not. The market sorts out who’s qualified, and there’s more leeway on picking and choosing customers.

    Government promises access to all who qualify for a service, such as obtaining a form. You can’t have clerks with a high school education and no law degree deciding on their own authority (even if they SAY it’s God’s authority) whether or not laws are valid. Until she began allowing her deputies to follow the law, she was totally out of line, and she deservedly earned her week in the Mayberry jail.

  2. Mikey: There is no law. Only Congress can legislate laws. A Supreme Court decision is only the opinion of the judges with no legal force.

    Secondly: As Scalia indicates the judges have no idea of what homosexuality is or why they should be given precedence over heterosexual men as protected by the ‘hate’ laws.

    Thirdly: Even if there were a law that is not reason not to resist it if unjust. Consider: Homosexuality was against the law for hundreds of years in the United States. Stonewall in 1969 overturned those laws in one night because of an insurrection by a few irate fairies.

    THE LAW maybe sacrosanct but laws are passed by very fallible human beings who may or may not be qualified to make good decisions.

    Kim Davis is as much within here rights as the homosexuals who overthrew the law that night in New York City.

  3. You can’t seriously tell me that SCOTUS rulings don’t have the force of law. Judicial review is a power granted BY the Constitution! They ARE able to ELIMINATE laws, ANY laws or even PARTS of laws! They ruled that using gender to qualify for civil marriage is unconstitutional, so NO state can use that now, and ANY law that states “One man one woman only” are VOID. Geez, take a freaking Civics class… Sorry, but I’m so tired of this obviously fallacious “there was no law for her to break” argument. Defying a direct court order to grant the licenses IS breaking the law. In addition, she could have been rightly charged with obstruction, for initially interfering with her deputies, but the judge was lenient.

    The example you related about Stonewall is the action of private citizens. Kim Davis did not act as a private citizen. She acted as a government agent, using her personal objections to a law AS IF that was the position of the government. She defied a direct court order, and lost her case at every appellate level. Fortunately, after a time out in jail, she caved. Perhaps the citizens of KY will allow her to draw her high salary indefinitely for refusing to do part of her job. I don’t know. For all I care she can hide in her office all day behind drawn shades, rocking back and forth and saying, “It’s not happening. It’s not happening.” As long as qualified applicants are getting the forms they are legally entitled to.

  4. Mikey: Let us be cool and dispassionate. The underlying problem here is the nature of homosexuality. As I say, homosexuality is a psychological problem, a psychosis.
    The cause of the homosexuality is a severe emasculation or, rather, the reaction to an emasculation of the Ego. In other words the Ego has been severely injured. Having been injured it seeks revenge. Fearing its abnormality it seeks to make its abnormality normal. If everyone is queer then queer is normal. This is the underlying problem.

    As an emasculated male the homo cannot compete with the heterosexual on a level playing field. Therefore the homo must tilt the field. So a force greater than the heterosexual is sought; the LAW is invoked. Laws are needed to depress the hetero below the homo. The first step along these lines was the institution of the ‘hate’ laws. These laws were enacted extra legally because they are unconstitutional hence no laws.

    Now feeling empowered, protected against the unprotected heteros as the homos believe, the idea was to expand their legal standing by requiring heteros to obey their will, that is to essentially enslave the heteros. As you know slavery is against the law but what is that to homos? Thus issues had to be created.

    Thus we have the assault on the rights of bakers; some law is interpreted so that bakers are denied their freedom of conscience by requiring them to bake pornographic cakes.

    Homos demand also that homosexuality be taught to absolutely defenseless kindergartners against the will of their parents so that parents, the family denied ,homosexuals by their nature having no reproductive capabilities thus make parents do their bidding as slaves.

    Now, we come to the crux of the problem, the heterosexual family: man, wife and children. If you follow your patron saint, Marcel Proust, who carefully explains the homosexual dilemma in his homo bible Remembrance of Times Past the homosexual abjures relationships that tie him down, a quick bang in an alley between two strangers and on the next, no personal complications.

    But, in order to mess with the hetero the homos are demanding that their sterile relations be recognized in law as ‘marriages.’ You see the absurdity. The homos have alarmed and offended the heteros so that they made an appeal to, what else, the law. In point of fact Kim Davis is observing the law while rejecting the mere opinion of a few deranged legists called the Supreme Court.

    The will of 75% of the people of Kentucky in a free election rejected the concept of homosexual marriage. This, Mikey is what is called Democracy, to give you a civic lesson. This was the will of the people of Kentucky. But LAW means nothing to homosexuals. We also have a question of States Rights here vs. the Federal government.

    It is impossible for faggots to get Congress to legislate a law giving them preference so homosexuals bypassed the legislature which is the only body according to the Constitution that can legislate, another civics lesson for you Mikey.

    So, let us be clear, Kim Davis was correctly following the laws of Kentucky and not her own conscience by refusing to issue marriage licenses to sexual nulls. Regardless of your wishes the Supreme Court cannot, by law, legislate. The justices have expressed their opinion, that opinion can be reconsidered and reversed at any time. It is only an opinion while the Kentucky statute is a law.

    So, Mikey, god bless you and save you from your errors but you and your homos are in error. You will be taught your error, by any means necessary.

  5. “As I say, homosexuality is a psychological problem, a psychosis.
    The cause of the homosexuality is a severe emasculation or, rather, the reaction to an emasculation of the Ego. In other words the Ego has been severely injured. Having been injured it seeks revenge. Fearing its abnormality it seeks to make its abnormality normal. If everyone is queer then queer is normal. This is the underlying problem.”

    Do you mean the ego having been extinguished, then seeks compensation in a justification to hide their shame by hiding in the approval of the extinguisher, or their blind-side vanity, or in their suppression? Mommys’ boys, female-clones, or Nazis. To whit, Socialists, Homosexuals and Islamists?

    They are the whole gamut of The Spectrum of Gay and not the virtual-desire of entwinement within the Kinsey Scale to include Heterosexuals at one end – which can’t exist, because they’re not of those imprinted by the will of the female, and a masculinity particle does not reside in any of them. “Frankly mam, I don’t give a damn,” only raises an Asperger’s Alert and not an understanding.

    Femosexuals therefore, is all they are. From dom to sub to Inverts playing female before a plummage; like the Far Left and the Far Right, though on first glance apparently polar, are really both International and National Socialists for enslaving female-fearing masturbating males to act on their behalf.

    I hope therefore I have understood this process of capitulation and submission before the female correctly, and harnessing emasculated boys through the promise of Allah and 72 robotic virgins, (who will look up to them because no one of conscience can), the State that gives them permission for when and when not to ejaculate, and those who work unseen in the priestly shadows picking up neglected children.

    Your solution to unlock these mind-states of those broken in their dysfunctional ‘families,’ and schooling systems, would be much appreciated.

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