Donald Trump: Good News And Bad



Donald Trump:  Good News And Bad


R.E. Prindle


There is much good news for Donald Trump. Polls show him beating whatever candidate the Demos have to offer including Hillary 45% to 40%. The Democratic Party platform is soundly rejected at this time. However Donald has disappointed us on a very important matter.

The courageous clerk Kim Davis has become a political prisoner for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses in Kentucky. We all owe more than a debt of gratitude to her for her courage. Donald when questioned about it offered her no defense merely stating that same-sex marriage is the law of the land. It is not the law of the land while Trump should have said Davis’ imprisonment was a travesty of justice and when elected he would issue an executive order unmaking the Supreme Court’s decision.

Secondly there is no Federal law making same-sex marriage legal. There is only an opinion of the Supreme Court saying that they don’t believe such marriage is forbidden by the Constitution but they have no means of effecting their opinion while there are many astute Constitutional minds that can find no authorization for the Court’s opinion. I repeat, it is only the Court’s opinion and not a law; the Court is forbidden to legislate as is the executive.

One should never confuse THE LAW with a law as Donald apparently has. THE LAW is necessary for an orderly society while laws themselves can be passed as hysterical reactions to some matter and ought not to be taken seriously. They will not be an offence to THE LAW. Likewise stupid men and women can pass stupid laws such as the current hate laws that illegally impose social disabilities on heterosexual White men making them second class citizens.

There is a law of the land, Donald, that you should promise to repeal on election. In a Democracy such as ours there cannot be legislation making a portion of the population second class citizens.

Look to your constituency Donald Trump. Victory may be in you grasp if the Fey Republicans who forced you to sign a non-competition agreement don’t steal the election from you. Great negotiating, Don. Look out China.

You are the Republican Party and woe to the Fey Republicans if they force you out.

Look to your constituency as in the Davis case. It was your chance to capture half the Democratic vote and you blew it.


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