Are The Democrats Monolithic?


Are The Democrats Monolithic?


R.E. Prindle


It seems that in the splintering of Americans by Obama he has induced a real us and them situation: either you are a Democrat and good or a Republican and therefore a domestic terrorist. Let not our minds be beguiled by such nonsense. When polls show that eighty percent or so of we the public strongly oppose unlimited immigration that eighty percent isn’t all Republican. Fully half of the Democratic votes must resent the constant inflow of what are really hostile invaders.

So on the issue of homosexuality. While it appears that both the Democratic and Republican leaders are homosexual or, at least, leaning hard to the fey side the rank and file, as Democratic leaders condescend to term us, are not. I suspect that at least half object to their own sons and daughters being taught in school to revere faggotry with the hope that they will take up the practice.

Nor does this belief in homosexuality extend to the Negro voter either. Loud have been Negro protests to the faggotry of government leaders. The homosexual Supreme Court is attempting to sneak homosexual benefits into the Constitution by a very questionable, even erroneous, interpretation of that document.

Violating the rights of all straight and honest people they have taken to jailing those of us, you may be next, who refuse to submit to their arbitrary ruling. Since when is it a crime to refuse to bake a cake for someone on any grounds period, much less with offensive genital homosexual decorations?

The members of the Supreme Court are more than asses, they’re fools.

I suspect then that the Democrats and various racial peoples are very divided on the issue of placing an erect phallus in the middle of a cake topping. And that is what we are talking about, don’t kid yourself. I have only contempt for the members of the Supreme Court and the judge who imprisoned Kim Davis denying her the freedom of conscience guaranteed by that Constitution. And that goes for the judge who sentenced Kim. If he isn’t queer I suppose his sons and daughters are otherwise why is he so sympathetic to fruits.

The intent of this little polemic is that Trump should get his head straight and take advantage of Democratic gaffes such as the Davis case drawing legions of Democratic, Negro, Mexican, and other voting groups, possibly even a large number of homosexuals who have to be revolted by the antics of some of their dizzy members to vote for him.   These groups are not monolithic. Divide and win the vote.

Get with it Donald. You’re right about immigration now broaden your field. Go after all voters not just us ‘domestic terrorists.’ You’re going to have to buck, that was Buck, your homosexual leaders and don’t worry about your oath. You don’t have to honor it any more than Boehner and the other Repub homosexuals have honored their promises to we voters. What was that about repealing Obamacare?

Hell, Don, it’s just politics.


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