Immigration vs. Vegetables


Immigrations vs. Vegetables


R.E. Prindle


The Liberal mind is twisted. Well, we all know that but each new evidence of the twist is astounding. There is a water shortage in California. The genius mind of the Liberal translates that into the conflict is between people and agriculture therefore we have to discontinue agriculture which is using too much water versus people.

First they came for the avocadoes that it is said consume more water than is necessary for a vegetable. Then they came for the lettuce that they said sucked water from the soil. Now at long last they have come for the lowly radish. Do you know that a radish is 98% water? I think the Liberals at long last have put their finger on the problem.

So, to solve the water problem Liberals wish to forbid the cultivation of avocadoes, lettuce and radishes. I hope they don’t learn about celery. Celery is also 98% water and a couple dozen times bigger than a radish.

Now, California. California is a big State. It holds more people than it does water. When I lived in California in the early sixties there were eighteen million people there. Plenty of room for both people and radishes with a little water left over. At the time they were completing the mammoth Shasta Dam with Lake Michigan behind it. Well, a large body of water. Beryessa was created shortly thereafter. Enough water for while they thought. Hell, they were even growing cotton out in the Bakersfield desert.

True, water was still a concern as dry years were a cyclical thing but they weren’t uprooting orchards so there would be enough water to flush the toilet. Today, at this moment, there are forty-five million people in California. Do you see the difference between 1962 and today? Which consumes more water do you suppose, a radish or a person? I’d like to point out here that people are just big bags of water something like the radish is a small one.

I’m betting here, not wagering just betting, that a person consumes more water in a year than does a radish. The radish is apparently an endangered species and needs to be protected while people aren’t and don’t.

If there is a water crisis and I have to choose between more radishes or more people I’m going to opt for radishes that after all are edible. I need food more than I need neighbors. How about you?

Of course, if I were a Liberal I’d say bring another forty-five million people into California and to hell with agriculture. Who needs food? Even if it can’t be proven that Liberals aren’t insane it can be proven that they’re stupid.



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